Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Better late

My days are all mixed up.  I don't know up from down half the time but the good news is that everyday is one day closer to being with my husband again.
Last weekend my middle son was sick with some kind of stomach bug.  He woke up with it and by the next morning he was fine again.  A week later I end up feeling sick and was down Friday night through Saturday.  I had hoped that was going to be the end of it.  At about 10:30 last night my big man tells me he had gotten sick.  Needless to say we did not have a good night last night and having a not so hot day today.
But with all that said I figured I better get something up before everyone thinks I ditched the blog again.
I started out making this card as part of the teacher's notecards but then decided to make it as the thank you card for my boys to give their teachers on the first day of school, with the notecards.
We got our letters in the mail and both my boys know who their teachers are and hopefully it will be an awesome year.  Good think is that they both have friends in their classes  :)
That is it for today I hope to have more for you soon.
Have a great week!!!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teachers gifts


I mentioned yesterday that I had some cards I was making.  I got the idea from two blogs I have been seeing.  One idea was because a lady was making stamps out of the sticky foam sheets she bought from a craft store.  After getting her children involved she had the idea to get the kids to make cards for the teachers they will be having this year. 
I loved the idea of making cards for the teachers.  What a nice way to say hello and start off the school year than to make cards.  These were so easy to make. 
I only made these two but I plan on making about 5 for each teacher.  I will have two in school this year.  My oldest will be in 2nd grade and my middle man is starting kindergarten.  I am so excited for him, myself and so sad to have my middle man gone all day long.
The funny thing they do here in South Dakota (or maybe just our school district) is have the kindergartners only go to school for 2 days the first week.  We start school on a Tuesday and should be getting a letter with teachers names and also telling us if my middle son will be starting school on Tuesday or Wednesday.  If he starts school on Tuesday than both my boys will have the same first day and middle man will only go Tuesday and Thursday.  If the letter says my middle mans first day of school is Wednesday then he will go on Wednesday and Friday.  They call it get to know you week or something like that.  After that it is Monday through Friday like the rest of the grades. 
So, the cards are fairly self-explanatory.  I used PTI's Vintage Cream cardstock.  Stamped the apple image in pure poppy, simply chartruese, and momento ink, rich cocoa.  The image is PTI, except the work, that is imaginisce.
I had the idea for the border thanks to Lorie at Live-Laugh-Love-Create.  I just used a regular black writing pen and a ruler.

I hope their teachers love it and I am so excited to have a paper craft on my blog once again.

Have a great Tuesday!!!
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