Friday, August 29, 2008

Becoming Dorothy...

First of all Happy Friday!!!
I didn't get a chance to get in the craft room yesterday. I was so busy. I was trying to get things ready for our long journey to Kansas. My older brother is getting married and we are taking a road trip to be there to help him celebrate.
There was so much to do today and I thought I was on the ball and getting things done but at last, no such luck. It seems that no matter what I do to not have to rush in the end it always turns out a rush job.
I have a job at night, Thursday nights only (just delivering the paper, yuck!!!) but it helps with bills. I should have taken the week off but thought that the paycheck would be nice for the trip. Now I am so upset with myself. I am already exhausted and am not really going to get any sleep. Thankfully I have an understanding husband and I am probably going to be out the minute we get on the road in the morning.
We are going to be gone until sometime Tuesday so I am not going to have anything for you (craft wise) until Thursday at the earliest. I might go ahead and put some photos up of the wedding and such on Wednesday so if you are interested stop on by.
I hope you guys have a great and relaxing weekend and I will see you next week.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Paper Lantern

So, I sat down to craft yesterday. I needed it. It was a long day full of stuff. Like I said, I had breakfast club with some ladies from church. Then I had to take my oldest to speech therapy then when my husband got home we took a trip to the store to get my oldest son's and my husband's hair cut. They needed a haircut before the wedding and since we are leaving Friday morning and tomorrow we need to do some serious packing today was the day for haircuts.
But that isn't what you came here for right.

When I sat down I was trying to figure out what to do. I went through my scrap box trying to see if there was anything to spark my imagination. I found the template for the boxy bag but wasn't sure how I can get it to work. So I played around for a few minutes and decided to make a lantern. I know, a lantern made out of paper. I thought it was a cute idea and thought that you can always use the flameless candles or maybe put a hole in the back and use a lightbulb.
I just got off part of the boxy bag and folded everything up on one side. Cut some PTI scrap vellum cardstock. Since it was going to be a lantern I punched holes in the vellum. Unfortunately the only decorative punch I had was stars but it worked out wonderfully. I punched a few lines to make it look like the star was shooting across the sky. Then I took some PTI lemon tart ink and rubbed it around the stars. I wanted to do something else so I put a flower at the top and took the sentiment from Verve's flutter by set. Fits it perfectly, right? The sentiment was stamped using lemon tart at first but since it didn't show up I used palette brown. Then I just took some Michael's ribbon and used that to tie the sentiment to the bottom of the lantern.
I hope you enjoy it. Happy Thursday!!! The torture is almost over and the fun is about to begin :)
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to the 80s

Okay, so you may have noticed I don't have a project for you to see. Here is why.
My husband is the leader of the cub scouts in our church. Last night was den meeting and they were playing softball so we went as a family. It was so fun. My oldest son got to play with them. He is only 4 going on 5 and loves baseball. It helps that Daddy is obsessed with baseball too. hehehe Anyway, oldest son loves to play but has never really "played" he just throws the ball and pretends to run the bases in the house. He got to play last night and loved it. But, when he hit the ball he ran for 1st but then decided to make a detour and ran to 2nd instead. It was so cute watching the little guys try to field the ball or run the bases, so cute.
After we got home we watched the 5th episode of Star Wars. My SIL has never seen the last 3 in the series and my husband just wasn't having that so we sat down last night and the night before and will again to watch the last 3 (or first 3 depending on how you look at it) movies of Star Wars.
Now, I am writing this real quick because my ward is meeting (well the ladies and the kiddos) for Breakfast Club. We live in the desert and were meeting for lunch in one of the parks near by but since it is summer and unbearably hot we decided to meet for breakfast before it gets too hot.
If you are from the 80s you get the whole "back to the 80s" thing. First, Star Wars (80 movies) and the Breakfast club. Get it, the movie from the 80s "Breakfast club" hehehe.
I know I am silly. My husband is a product of the 80s, I like to deny it but have recently admitted it. I can't deny it when I sing along to all the top 80s songs, remember all the horrible styles of hair and clothes we subjected ourselves to.
Anyway, we have a little calmer day today but not by much so I really hope that I can get into the craft room tonight for something for you guys to see tomorrow.
Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sisterly Love

I actually set out to participate in the C.C. Designs guest designer challenge but then realized that my younger sister is having a birthday on the 6th of Sept. and we are going to be able to see her and her family this coming weekend for my brother's wedding. So, why not make her a card and be able to give it to her in person?

Her favorite color is green so I knew I was going with that color and I was going to build off of that. I also wanted to use my nestabilities to make the cards like I have seen so many times before. I used PTI spring moss as the base and used my largest petite scallop nestability to make the card.

I pierced each scallop on the card base and used new canvas ink on the edges.

I love the paper I picked up from Target a long time ago on clearance so I used a little bit of that for the card as well. It was cut out with nestabilities and then ripped in the center. I used PTI Father Knows Best set for the tree. I tried the rocking idea but you can't really tell since that part was actually covered with the PP.

I used some scrap kraft paper that was already speckled with walnut ink and cut it out with nestabilities for the sentiment. I punched the sentiment tag on top and bottom with the slit punch to thread the ribbon through. The ribbon is twill PTI spring moss.

Can you tell I love the pearls. It just needed something else. I had fun making it and hope my sister likes it.

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Monday!!!

I know, who REALLY likes Mondays? I sure in the heck don't. I actually hate them with a passion but it is also something you need to live through to get to another weekend so here we are surviving another Monday hehehe

On to the card. I sat down at my craft table wondering what I was going to do for a craft. Then, duh, I have my older brother's wedding this coming weekend I haven't made a card for. I decided I was going to use my favorite color, I hope they like it okay.

I started with Lavender Moon cardstock from PTI, grabbed some scrap SU! kraft cardstock I had and then set out to pick a PP that matched. I couldn't find anything I like so I sat down with what I had to decide how I was going to do this. That is when I saw my brand new chocolate PP from PTI I haven't even touched so I pulled out some of the polka dot paper and went with that. Besides, chocolate goes with everything hehehe. (I really need to figure out how to do the smileys on here).

The first thing I did was cut some PP to fit what I wanted to do with the card. The kraft paper was basically cut anyway (my boys got a hold of it) so I just went with that and grabbed my scallop scissors and finished what they started.

From there I decided I didn't have a "main image" stamp that I wanted to use for this card so I got out my PTI floral frenzy set and made a pattern on my kraft paper using palette brown and PTI lavender moon ink. From there I took some palette new canvas and stamped the dots from floral frenzy on the lavender moon card base. Then glued it all together.

I took my lavender moon ribbon and tied it around the two PP (one I had and one I created).

The sentiment was cut out using my nestabilities in the PP and the lavender moon. The lavender moon was sponged with new canvas ink before removing the cutting die then it was stamped over that using the "heart" from the my punny valentine stamp set from PTI. The sentiment is from the anniversary set and stamped in palette brown. I sponged the edge of the sentiment tag using more brown and then the PP was sponged on the edges with lavender moon. Both were attached to each other and the card using SU! dimensionals.

I took my self-adhesive pearls and put three on the top left corner and the bottom right to add some more dimension. Lastly I took my clear glitter pen and traced the sentiment.

It is my simple card. I am trying to go simple as I have a tendency to go over board with layers and extras. I hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Thursday...

Sorry this is coming in late. I sat down about an hour or so ago to write this up and then my boys needed my attention.

The week is almost over. I don't know if it is because I have family visiting or what but the weeks have been flying by.

This is my card and can you believe that it was actually made completely by scraps? I love it. That is why the card is such an odd shape. It measures 4 1/4" X 6 3/4".

The base card is PTI berry sorbet. I am not lucky enough to have gotten the PTI Guide Lines stamp set (I so need it). So I came up with the idea of using my scor-pal and scoring guide lines to make a background. I found a nice light gray cardstock (not sure of the brand) and scored every inch horizontal and vertical. From there I used PTI's anniversary stamp set and the flower from boxes, bags, and tags set. The cross stamp was stamped in palette brown and the flower was stamped using PTI berry sorbet ink.

The gray cardstock was mounted on some brown I had in my stash (it might be SU! but not sure). After mounting the two I took my ticket punch and punched the corners.

I used another piece of berry sorbet cardstock, stamped it with the sentiment from the anniversary set in palette brown. Took the bigger flower from boxes, bags and tags and stamped it using berry sorbet. I also used the ticket punch on that (I don't have a window punch so I just made the sentiment tag from scratch). I used the slit punch to pull the ribbon (Michael's ribbon) through the sentiment tag. I don't know if you can see but the ribbon does have brads (Joann's) in them to hold them together. The last thing I did was use my clear glitter pen and color in the centers of the flowers and traced the sentiment.

I hope you like it. I had fun making it. It wasn't my usual style but so fun and easy.

Hope you have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping by!!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another boxy bag

Okay, so I was having a day yesterday and I had a lot of time on my hands to think about things. It was during my alone, quite times that an idea popped into my head. I guess crafts are not only fun but they are also therapeutic.

So, anyway. I decided that the boxy bag would be cute to use as a Halloween favor. I took some PTI Summer sunrise cardstock, made the boxy bag.

Then I took some black paper I got from QVC and used it as a mat for some SU! Kraft cardstock. On the Kraft paper I used my Studio G stamps and stamped the "trick or treat" in summer sunrise and cat's eye brown. After that I stamped the pumpkin using summer sunrise and colored the stem with my brown copic marker.

From there I drew the spider web (because I didn't have a stamp) and paper pierced a line from it like a web for the spider. The spider was also stamped using cat's eye brown.

The ribbon I got a while back from Target's $1 section (vacation).

I forgot to mention, the round tag, it was part of the same set at the pumpkin, the spider, and the "trick or treat" sentiment. I meant to use it as a tag like I did on the other boxy bag but then I noticed there really was no place to put a whole. So I just put a dimensional on the back and put it on the front of the box.

I hope you have a great Wednesday and I will see you back here tomorrow. Thanks a bunch for stopping by.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boxy Bag

Hope you had a great Monday and plans for an even better Tuesday.

As I promised I was able to get in the craft room and do some creating. I did make the "boxy bag" the Jody from Confessions of a Ribbon Addict created here.

It was fairly easy to do. I just messed up once and cut on the wrong score line. No big deal now I have some scraps to use for another project (not like I need more scraps hehehe)

Since the directions are on Jody's blog I am not going to go through them. The directions for the decorating is fairly simple so I won't bore you with those either. If you do have questions please feel free to email me. I love getting email hehehe.
P.S. Don't look too closely or you will see that I was a little too impatient and messed up the ink on the lady.
I am thiking I will give this to my lil' sis' when I see her in a few months. She is expecting her 3rd baby next Feb. Who knows though, I know SOOOO many pregnant ladies that it was just obvious to use this sentiment from Studio G.
P.S.S. I also was going to add that this was inspired by Lauren Meader's Saturday sketch here. I messed up with stamping the preggers lady and turned it upside down. But wanted to mention it anyway. If you haven't checked out her blog you really should. She is so awesome and has helped inspire me so many times.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Family, Olympics, church, Twilight Saga

LOL!!! What does all that mean? Well, those are my excuses for not having anything creative for you today. We will start with the first one, I may have mentioned this before so ignore. My SIL is visiting so we have been trying to do things to make her stay more appealing. After all, how fun can coming to the desert in the height of the summer heat be for someone who is not used to it?
Second, the Olympics. I have been keeping a close eye on everything. That Michael Phelps is something, huh? I almost feel like his mother, so proud of all of his accomplishments. I tell you, I was in tears when he won the last two gold medals for sure. Poor Alicia Saccramone. I feel so bad for her. She was definitely robbed in her single vault attempt. There is no way I believe that the Chinese gymnast should have gotten the bronze when she fell and Alicia only had some minor issues (which I didn't even notice).
On to church, yep, church was yesterday but I had to teach a class so I had to hurry up and get a lesson plan in one week and with everything else we had going on that was one feat I am glad I accomplished and is over.
Now, I am not sure how many of you have heard of the Twilight books. It is a set of 4 soon to be 5 books. They were written by a new author named Stephanie Meyer. The first book is now a movie that will be coming in Thanksgiving time frame. They are about vampires and teenage love. It is a little silly but it is from a teenagers point of view so some of it is going to be silly to us "adults" hehehe. Anyway, I read the first book in about 4 days. I just couldn't put it down without it calling my name. After some searching I finally got the second book and started it last night. I am already on page 100 something. It is great. I love that I found something new and interesting to read. I have been a Danielle Steel fanatic since I was a preteen (thanks Grandma and Mom : D ) and I still love her books and will continue to read as long as she puts them out but it was nice to read something fresh and new.
Okay, so there are all my excuses. I have a few things to do online and then I plan on getting into the craft room. If you read Jody's blog "Confessions of a Ribbon Addict" I am going to recreate her box/bag she put a tutorial up for. I hope you come back tomorrow to check it out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yeah, it is Thursday, we are almost there. How is everyone's week going so far? It hasn't really been busy around here but it is different with family around. I forget to get my crafting done. I am lagging a little behind. But I did make sure I got in the craft room last night. It was late so that is why this post getting to you late. I hope it was worth the wait.

It is fairly simple so I am not going to deal with the details. I just had some idea in my head and wanted to go with it. We have been watching the Olympics a lot and it is so awesome to see the US doing so well. I have been cheering them all on and hopefully we will continue to do as well as we have been.

Have a great day and we shall see you later. Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Happy Wednesday!!! We are halfway through the week now. Hope everyone's week is going well so far.

My card is different than I am used to. I wanted to try using some vellum that I got from PTI. I am not one for using vellum so this was going to be new to me. I usually shy away from it because I am not sure the best way to attach it to the card.

I started out with an idea but when scoring the fold line I decided to score some more and ended up with this background. I took some certainly celery and rubbed it on with a sponge. I was hoping for a kind of lattice look.

From there I took some gray I had in my scraps box and stamped the flower from floral frenzy using certainly celery, lemon tart PTI, and chocolate chip. I took some vellum to cover it to make it softer. It was attached using crystal effects. I then took some Martha Stewart glittery glue I picked up from Michael's and put a border around the flower and used some glitter I also got from Michael's. It was attached to the card using dimensionals.

Then the sentiment, I used the same gray paper and PTI spring moss. The sentiment was from PTI simple little things set. I used Michael's bridal flower and colored it to match the stamped flower. the rest is pretty much the same as the flower. I hope you like it.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a card...

Happy Tuesday!!! This one is getting on late but that is because I got this card done late last night and had to wait until this morning to get a picture of it.

It is a fairly simple card. I took an idea from what Nichole Heady did on one of her cards here.

I started off with a white card base and took some paper from my QVC paper stash, stamped it with some chocolate chip ink using the center of a flower from flower frenzy PTI stamp set.

The colors were taken from the ribbon I had but never used.

After that I took some white PTI paper and stamped Verve's butterfly stamp in chocolate chip. Believe it or not I colored it in with a BIC marker and used my clear glitter pen to bling it up a little. I used Cammie's idea here and used my prismacolor pencils to make the slight background in pink.

I found some some bling at Michael's and that is what I used for the ribbon and the butterfly. I think that is about it. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Yankees vs. Angels

Happy Monday everyone!!!

It was so awesome to go to Angels Stadium. The stadium was so neat. I had been many, many years ago but it had been renovated a few years back. The fountain was so neat and awesome to see. Every time the Angels got a home run they shot off fireworks and since the Angels won the game there was fireworks after the game as well.

It really was a fun game. There was a pitcher's duel for 6 innings (meaning that no one scored a run until the 7th inning and there are 9 innings in a game). The Yankees were winning up until the bottom of the 8th inning when their relief pitchers just could not get an out. I don't want to share the score because it was very embarrassing but that is okay. The Yankees are still awesome and everyone was so nice, well almost everyone. There were those Angels fan that like to chant not nice things but that is okay, it is expected. I had fun and so did my SIL and DH. We are hoping to go back again just for a fun game no Yankees so maybe we will root for the Angels. Maybe we can get to a playoff game this year, that would be awesome. Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

We shall see you tomorrow and thanks for stopping by here today.


Friday, August 8, 2008

More thank yous...

WoooHooo!!! It is finally Friday. I hope you guys have a great day planned. I am looking forward to it because we have a very busy and wonderful weekend planned.

My sister-in-law is visiting and it just so happens that the New York Yankees are playing the Anaheim Angels this weekend. The problem, I am a born and raised California girl, nothing wrong with that, except, my hubby is a die hard Yankees fan born and raised in Connecticut. I have been following the Yankees since we have been together and LOVE them BUT I am having a hard time going to Anaheim Stadium and rooting for the Yankees. I am geared up with Yankees stuff but in my heart I won't care who wins, really.

Anyway, on to the card.

I am adding more cards to the gift set I am making for my brother and fiance for their wedding. I decided I CAN do a simple non-layer card and that is what I set out to do. It is very simple so I am not going to explain. If you have questions please feel free to ask.

The reason why there are different cards? I tried the one card with the sentiment in the top left corner and didn't like the placement much but it worked. So, with the second one I decided to put it in the bottom left. It worked a little better. Love the Floral Frenzy stamp set. I just wish I didn't loose the little oval in the set. I didn't even realize there was one until tonight, oh well. What are you gonna do?

Have a great Friday and an even wonderful weekend!!!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding thank yous

Happy Thursday!!! We are almost there. It has been crazy and fun here. It is also nice to have family visiting.
So, the card. It is the start of a gift to my brother and his soon-to-be-wife. They are getting married the end of this month and I decided I would make them some thank you cards they can send out to guests. I have no idea what their wedding colors so I just went with what was speaking to me.
I started out with one idea and then ended up with these cards.
I marked off the front of the card with some extra paper laying around and then stamped the "PP" with Palette gray and certainly celery using PTI stamp sets.
From there I punched a whole towards the bottom with my crop-a-dile and put an eyelet in (I thought it would look more finished since I was using a see through ribbon). I used some ribbon I got from Micheal's a LONG time ago.
Then I just punched out the scallop square with my marvy punch, stamped the border and sentiment from 2 different PTI stamp sets. I used certainly celery around the scallops to break up the white on white.
The flowers are Making Memories and the brad is Queen & Co.
From there I wanted some bling so I used my clear glitter pen on the centers in the "PP", the square around the sentiment and the "T" for thanks. Then I just took some diamond stickles and put it on the brad and a few on the flower to make it look like dew.
That is about it. As simple as I have been able to do.
Have a great Thursday!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Viva Las Vegas...

Okay, I told you I have been busy and I might share you some pictures of my trip to Vegas.

It was a great night away from the kids. My sister took them on Saturday and we got some last minute stuff done at home and drove to Vegas on Sunday.

We got to Vegas early in the afternoon and just took our time. Went shopping, looking for Christmas presents for the boys.

We ate dinner at the Venetian hotel, wonderful Italian restaurant. So very good and not as expensive as I presumed (I am a cheapskate for sure). After that we had a lovely ride on the gondola. Our gondolier was awesome and we are sure he was actually Italian, what a shocker. By then it was late so we went back to our hotel.

Monday was when my SIL flew in. We picked her up and took her to New York New York. We had never been so it was nice to see their version of New York. According to my hubby and SIL that really isn't like New York.

So, anyway, here are some pictures of the great Lady, Statue of Liberty and the MGM lion (they are right next to each other).

I was very surprised at how many people are still in Vegas. I was hoping it would be a lot less crowded, hubby and I are not good with crowds. Funny, considering I am born and raised So. Cal. girl.

Hope you enjoy the pics and have a great Wednesday.


Monday, August 4, 2008


Sorry this is late. I actually ended up not having internet while I was in Vegas.
I am going to have to make this short. This is the card I made from my wonderful hubby for our anniversary. If you have any questions just ask me otherwise I am going to end this saying that the layout is courtesy of Lauren and her Saturday sketch.
Thanks, hope you had a great weekend. I will post a couple pictures of Vegas (mainly because that is about all I took, a couple pictures).


Friday, August 1, 2008

ATC to card

So, nothing fancy here. I just took some scrap SU! kraft paper, cut it to 6 X 4 1/4 then scored it at 3. Make a two line paper piercing along all four edges and used some pop up glue dots to put the ATC diagonally on the card base. I was thinking about doing more but with it being such a small card and so much going on for the ATC I left it as is. Oh yeah, I took some certainly celery ink on the card base edge.
Sorry, that is all I have. I took my boys to the pool and my allergies decided to act up pretty bad.
I won't have anything again until Tuesday. I might try to schedule something for Monday. Sunday is my 6th wedding anniversary and DH and I decided since we are driving up to Vegas on Monday to pick up SIL from the airport that we might as well go up a day early and my sister was kind enough to take my two boys for us so we can celebrate. Thank you Tanya!!!
So, have a great weekend and check back in on Monday just in case.