Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I set out to make a card last night.  Instead I made the same mistakes I made before when I tried to sit down and make the same card, so I gave up.
I recently found a bunch of single sketch copic markers at Hobby Lobby.  As you may know, those markers can get pricey.  BUT I have also realized that they give 40% coupons.  So, I have been buying markers one at a time when I could.  So I had a few new markers I have been wanting to play with.
Can't make a card so why not color instead.  I do hope to make these adorable girls into cards before we leave on Friday.
The reason I am writing all this is because I wanted to show you what most of you probably already know.
The black ink that I use is Staz-On.  I thought that was supposed to be good for copics.  But this is what happened when I colored my images.
Adorable girls, right?  I think so.
Look at this precious thing.  I think she is so elegant and precious.  But after I was done I saw this...
Not so pretty.
But I pressed on and went to another image.
Again, not so pretty.
So, I let the last one dry overnight and figured once it was good and dry it would bleed anymore.
This is how it turned out. 
From first glance, again so cute.  BUT...
Yep, more bleeding.
I think I need to find some different ink.  I have heard Momento is good but I just haven't went out and got it.  I use Papertrey Ink cardstock and I haven't heard of anyone else having any problems using their copics with it.  I think I just need to go get some black momento and try that.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It seems like just yesterday we were hitting the road to move half way accross the country.  Who in their right mind would want to pack up again drive the other half?  Well, we are.  My husband's family, my husband, is from the east coast.  It has been several years since we have been there.  In fact, the last time was when my Father-in-law passed.
source found here
It is time to go.  None of my husband's family has seen our little man, except in pictures.  Considering he will be 17 months old on Saturday I think it is about time they get to meet their grandson, nephew, cousin.
With that being said, I think you may have figured out I won't be sharing much on here, not that I have been anyway.
I do hope to have a few things done before we go, I will try my best to be able to schedule some posts and also share some photgraphy with you here as well.
source found here
We plan on doing some sightseeing, Yankees Stadium, Mystic, Peabody Museum, but mostly just visiting with family.
source found here

The East Coast is beautiful and I believe even with just some time with family will bring many wonderful photography opporunities worthy of sharing here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera

Thanks to this great blog I watch almost daily I ran across another blog that I love to read.  It is called "The Anderson Crew".  This family is so fun and lives life to the fullest.  Something I strive to do everyday but sometimes let regular life get in the way of.
Emily, the writer of the blog, does this great "challenge" for us.  She challenges her readers to "embrace the camera".  That is, take a picture or have someone else take a picture with you in it AND a friend child, spouse, parent, anyone.
I wanted to share this picture because I LOVE it so much.
I have thought about editing it a few times but just cannot bring myself to do it.  I quit honestly, in my most humble self, think it is the best picture I have taken.

Just a refresher, we are now living in South Dakota, my husband is in the Air Force.
This is the day we decided to head to Deadwood, South Dakota...where "Wild" Bill Hickok was killed.  We visited the town, where he was killed, where he is buried and took family pictures.  It was an amazing day.  I would relive it again if I could.
I took this picture when we were heading home.  My middle man loves to be the subject in all my pictures.  I don't remember if I had seen this done before or how I even came up with the idea but I LOVE it.  I am so happy to have it.
If you want to join in on the fun get your cameras out and start snapping and then link up to the post linked above.  There are no prices to be won just the reminders of the wonderful times we had.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Has anyone else heard of this?  I was moving things around on my blog yesterday and ran across what blogger is calling AdSense?  It is a way to help earn money just by blogging.
I tell you I can use all the extra money I can get.  I didn't have a whole lot of time to look around to completely understand how this works but am interested.
If anyone else has done some research or uses it and had opinions please let me know.
If I ever find time to do some more research I will and hopefully you will be seeing ads on here soon.  I just don't want them to over power the blog and make it something I didn't intend when I started blogging in the first place.

Monday, June 20, 2011


It is a rainy, dreary day here.  I had planned on visiting a museum here but my little man decided he was going to catch up on some much needed sleep today.  I finally went in to get him around 1pm this afternoon.  He was just about to wake up anyway, from what it looked like but he is very cranky.  I think he is already starting to get in his 2 year molars, and he isn't even 18 months yet.  In fact, he isn't even 17 months yet, that will happen in about 2 weeks.
Anyway, because I wanted to share something very neat I found while looking through my blog list  Even though it doesn't feel like summer with this rain I can't wait to try this.
I am also going to look for some cool glasses like these.  After all, if you are near a Hobby Lobby, they are having some great deals on summer dishes and a 40% coupon on anything in the store.
Go check out oopsey daisy here and have a blast.
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Friday, June 17, 2011


Happy Friday everyone!!!  I wish I could say I was super excited that it was Friday but I am  not.  Tomorrow is kinda gonna be just like another work day around here except instead of working the hubby is going on a 4-wheeling trip.  It won't be all day but basically another work day.
I am contemplating driving to Deadwood again for the "Wild Bill Days" events that are going on.
Anyway, enough of my complaining.  I have a card for you today.  I intended it for my Sisiter-in-law who is celebrating her 22nd birthday today but instead, I think I will save it for one of my nieces.  I like it but I don't think it suits a 22 year old.
I used the layout that Jen Del Muro holds every month.  It is called "Sketch for you to try" or SFYTT.
I need to run because I have lots of things to do today.  I need to make a card for my husband since Father's Day snuck up on me, I hope to be able to make a card for a baptism that I hope we get a chance to go to tomorrow and I still need to make my husband's father's day present.
Should be loads of fun since I also need to sneak in some outside play time so my boys don't get stir crazy and drive me insane  :)
If you haven't seen it be sure to go to this post and enter to win a wonderful book I had the priveldge of receiving for free as well.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you/Get well

This has got to be a quick post.  I have planned a very busy day for us today.  It actually seems nice again today so we are going to meet up with some new friends at a local park for a few hours before getting lunch.  After that I need to run to the store before getting home so my middle man can get ready for his second game of the week.
I wanted to show you a card that I made for a service member.  A friend from church mentioned that her cousin was injured while fighting overseas.  Right after he saw 2 of his men KIA he was injured, a broken leg and the loss of the other among other injuries.
She has requested that friends make cards, signs, short notes of encouragement.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say thank you to this man for the sacrifice he made for us.  I also included the boys in this but didn't take a picture of their pictures.  I didn't even think about that until just now.  Although I am worried about my older sons picture.  He decided to men in a shootout.  One is the bad guy and is bullets are flying over this soldier's head.  The other guy is the soldier and not only does he have a rifle like the bad guy but he also has a pistol and all of his bullets are hitting the bad guy.  My friend assured me that her cousin is on so much pain medicine that he probably won't even understand it anyway.
I made it very simple because 1) I didn't have much time and 2) most guys like simple.
The cardbase is blueberry sky.  Then on the white cardstock I stamped the trees from PTI's through the trees set in enchanted evening, used a red copic marker to make the border and the sentiment is also from through the trees stamped in pure poppy ink.
I did want to put some sparkle on this card to push it to the next level, just seemed to ordinary without it.  I used my clear glitter pen to highlight some of the trees branches and some diamond stickles to accent the sentiment.
I need to make another card for my sister-in-law.  I can't believe I forgot her birthday was Friday.  So, it will be late but it will get made.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Apparently I have been on and off long enough that most of my followers have left me :(  I will have to do more giveaways and hopefully we can bring them back.
Since Lorie was the only one that left a comment she wins the copy of "The Pirate Queen".  Lorie, if you can email me your address I will get that book out to you as soon as possible.
With all that said, here is another book review.  This book is called "Lilies in the Moonlight" and it is by Allison Pittman.
I can't say enough good things about this book.  Once I got started on reading I could not put it down, no kidding.  Even when I was suffering from a migraine I decided to take a bath and take this book with me (actually, that happened twice).  When we were having a rainy, nasty day...I picked this book up and started reading.  Next thing I know it was after my boys bedtime and I finished Mrs. Burnside, an older lady with dementia.
After a party Lily finds herself in the backyard of Mrs. Burnside, passed out and injured.
Lily meets Cullen (Mrs. Burnside's son) and begin a stormy "relationship".  Cullen has his own demons but his are more obvious.
I say relationship because they aren't a couple but because Lily is living in his house they find themselves running into each other a lot.
With Mrs. Burnside's oblivious help these two people find hope and a chance for new beginnings.

So, let's do another giveaway.  I will give a little more time for this one.  Let's keep this one going until next Sunday, the 26th of June.  I will annouce the winner on the 27th, Monday.
Same rules apply, leave a comment and you get one chance; announce it on your blog, a second chance; follow me on facebook or here and you get three chances to win.  Of course, if you already follow either on facebook or here then let me know and that will still count.
I do have a card to share with you tomorrow so I hope to see you then.
*disclaimer* I was given this book free from Multnomah in exchange for this review
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finally a giveaway

Life has gotten really hectic here with baseball in full swing now.  Having two of my boys playing baseball this year has proven to be difficult but I will do it for them.
So, because I have threatened it and since I don't have anything to share at the moment I am going to giveaway a book I have read and received for free.
Do you remember this post?

If you want a chance to read this book for free just leave me a comment.  If you want extra chances to win then share this post on your blog (leave a seperate comment), want another chance to win?  "Like" my page on facebook or follow my blog here.  That will give you a total of 3 chances to win.
This giveaway will last through Sunday and a winner will be announced on Monday morning, June 13th.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gift cards

Hello Thursday!!!  I can't believe it is Thursday already.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  I guess having a 4-day weekend here and keeping busy those 4 days certainly helped in making this week go by fast.  We have a fun filled weekend planned again.  There is going to be an air show here so we plan to go to that as well as go visit Mt. Rushmore for the nightly lighting ceremony.  It promises to be amazing.
So, these are the cards I made to put inside the cardcase I made for my son's teacher and counselor.  I thought I had a better picture of the teal and green one.  I wish I did.  I loved how it turned out, especially with that flower at the end.  I took the idea from Nichole Heady.  I pretty much CASEd every card I made for the teachers.  I had planned on making 10 of each but I ran out of time (I am a bad procrastinator) and I only had 10 envelopes so each teacher got 5 cards.

These are single layer cards I made for the teachers that resemble the cards I gave them.

I used a new stamp I got from Geny Cassady here from My Time Made Easy.  This set is called Killer Curves.

I dry embossed the smaller kraft cardstock.  I love the houndstooth look.

And this is the whole sets packaged up.  I just wish that I had listened, or paid attention when putting the sets together.  My son asked that the red be for his teacher and blue for the counselor and that is how we addressed the cards.  BUT when putting the cases together I made the blue for his teacher and the red for the counselor.  So, his teacher has his counselors card.  Too bad, or maybe good, his counselor was not at school the last day so I have her set to give her on the first day of school next year.
Well, that is about all I have time for.  Sorry the pictures are so raw but my editing program is on my other computer.  I need to see about adding it to this computer so I can more easily edit pictures and post them here.
Have a great day and as always...
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