Friday, April 30, 2010

Babies and a sad day

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I am not so happy.  I actually want to cry I am so sad.  Today my oldest son left to go on his first field trip.  I always assumed I would be with him for big milestones like this but with a newborn I just couldn't do it.  I would but I am sure the school would not like it for liability reasons.  I know I could have gotten someone to watch him but since class will be gone all day and I am my newborns sole food supply it just wasn't going to happen.  I just pray that he has fun and is safe and will come home the same way.

Today I am showing off a card that came together rather quickly.  It is originated from a sketch I got from a commercial.  I did alter that sketch I had in my head a little bit to fit the card.
The stamps used were TCP Studio I got from Joann's or Michael's.  The ink and paper were PTI and staz-on.  I also used a copic marker that is a close match to Spring Moss.
The PP is one I got from my sister that she shared.  I am not sure the company (probably DCWV) called Linen Closet, I think.
Oh, it turns out that my desktop is so old it will not support the Photoshop program so now I have to figure out another way to add my watermark until we get a new laptop that will, I hope.
Well, I think that is about it for today.  Have a great weekend!!!
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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Happy Thursday everyone!!!  I am so glad to be on the back end of this week.  It has been crazy and crazy and I just need it over. 
This is basically the same card from yesterday but done in different colors and added a few details.
I started with Berry Sorbet cardstock and used my white gel pen to make 2 boxes on the base.  I like the way 2 lines make it more detailed and not much more work.  I messed up with some of the lines and went over but I liked it so I went with it and started doing it on purpose.
The rest of the main image is the same as yesterdays as well.  The frame was stamped in berry sorbet and the butterfly image was stamped using stamping ups ink (bliss blue).  The ribbon is berry sorbet and the button is a vintage button from PTI.
Pretty simple again so I will leave you with that.  Take care and have a great Thursday.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Simplicity is the key

Hello everyone!!!  I actually have something to show you today.  It is very simple and it uses the PTI 3rd Anniversary set.  I think their best yet.

I used Enchanted evening cardstock and a white gel pen to make the base of the card.
The main image uses the anniversary set in enchanted evening and SU! forest foliage on white cardstock.
The sentiment was stamped using brilliance white ink and the sentiment is also from the anniversary set.  I did put some glitter in there but it is hard to see.
I would have tweaked it a bit more if I had all the goodies I wish I could afford but for the most part I am very pleased with how this turned out.  I am interested in trying different colors and doing the tweaking I wish I could have done on this card.
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Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!!!  I am SO glad to have this week over with.  It has literally been a week from hell.  I even have a very vivid nightmare to prove it.  Granted it was a silly nightmare but a nightmare all the same.
*if you are looking for the info about the Motivet blog candy please go to this post*

Sorry again about the picture.  My laptop still is on the frits so I need to get the photoshop program transferred to this computer.

Today I am showing off my sewing skills, or lack of in some cases.  I like to carry Garrett in a sling because we don't use an infant car seat.  We have always used a convertible car seat.  It is so much cheaper than buying the infant car seat and then the bigger baby car seat and then the booster seat.  So we just have to buy 2 instead of 3.  Well, none since we can still use the ones from our bigger boys.
Since we don't have the car seat to lug around though it does make it difficult in some cases.  Like church, a stroller isn't going to really work there, going to the baseball game tomorrow, no strollers.  Even going grocery shopping is easier with this sling than a stroller.
I started out with this really nice one called a pouch sling that my hubby bought me for Christmas that I love but Garrett hates since he is getting so big and he is pretty squished in there.
My mom and I found a pattern from McCall's and I attempted to make a new typed called a Mai Tei (probably spelled wrong).  I messed it up a couple of times but finally got it working.  I used it today to run a couple of errands and it is SO nice.  I am happy with it and might have to make at least one more to change out once in a while.
I would show you a picture of what it looks like on but I don't have anyone to take a picture of me wearing it.  I will try and get one this weekend and I will post it next week.
Enjoy your weekend and pray that the Yankees win!!!  :D
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

No eye candy but possibility to win blog candy

Wow!!!  That was quite the title right?  I dont' have anything to show you because I have been busy working on a project that I can hopefully use this Saturday when we get to attend a Yankees vs Angels game in Anaheim.  It promises to be a lot of fun.
I do want to link you to a stamp company "Motivet" that is giving away some great blog candy in honor of the owners daughter.  The owner gave birth to a precious baby girl one month ago.  If you order 3 stamps you will get one free.  You also have a chance to win their latest release. 
So go here and see what you need to do.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wplus9 Challenge

Hello everyone!!!  Thank you for th sweet comments left yesterday.  I still haven't fully digested the fact that she is gone.  I keep looking in my backyard for her.  We have decided to get her cremated and keep her ashes.  We got her when we lived in Alaska and want to bring her ashes back to Alaska where we will then disperse them.  I hope that is what she would want.  She loved the snow and we had to fight her to come in when there were several inches on the ground.
Today I am finally going to get the card posted that I should have posted last week.  I am sure it is late to do anything about it but it is a color challenge for a new up and coming stamp company called Wplus9.  I have seen some of their stamps and so want to get my hands on them.  They are also looking for a 3 month design team member.  Instructions to apply are on their website here.

Sorry the picture is so crappy.  It seems that my laptop has yet again decided it doesn't want to work and my photoshop program is on my laptop since that is what I mainly use.  If we can't get the laptop figured out then I will be moving my photoshop program to the desktop so you can yet again have beautiful pictures.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A sad day...

I do have a card I want to show you but right now a bit of my heart is breaking and I don't have it in me to share some eye candy.
We lost a member of our family yesterday.  She was only a part of our lives for a short time but she was the best we could have asked for.  She is our pet dog.  We rescued her while we lived in Alaska from a Labrador Rescue.  She was perfect for us from day one.  My middle son was maybe a year old at the time and she took to him and my older son so well.  She played with them so well, she didn't fight when they climbed all over her or tried to smother her with love.
She was already trained and named.  We think she was abot 2 or so years old when we got her.  That would have made her about 5 years old now.  Which makes the reason for her death so unusual.
For a week or so she hadn't been eating much, lethargic and just simply not herself.  It turns out she had been losing weight, drastic weight.  We noticed it but didn't realize how bad it was.  In total from healthy to yesterday, she had lost about 30lbs.
We tried to get her to the vet sooner but ours is out of town.  We waited hoping she would snap out of it.  She started to, we got to play with her for a little while this weekend but yesterday she even refused to take her medicine.  She had been doing that twice a day.
My husband called another vet and we were able to get her in later that day.  We thought maybe, just maybe seh had eaten one of the boys toys and have to have surgery to take it out.
The vet looked her over, couldn't get a single signal from her what might be wrong.  We had decided to go with the Vet's reccomendation to keep her there for a few days.  She was dehydrated,which didn't surprise us, so she needed IV fluids.  They were going to do some bloodwork and if that didn't show anything then it was on to x-rays.  We said a quick good-bye, afterall, we were picking her up in a few days.
After being on the road for maybe 2 minutes I got a phone call from the vet.  They were able to get the IV started but her body gave out when they tried to put in the catheter.  They did everything they could do but her body was too worn out.
The Vet wanted to know what caused it so they continued with the bloodwork.  She had severe kidney failure.  It was so bad the vet couldn't believe the results.
RIP Stormy.  You were an angel to have and you will always be our Stormy.  You will always be missed and loved, not just as a pet but as a member of this family.
Thank you for all you have done for us.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another girls birthday

ETA:  Details on the card.
The card base is smokey shadow that I "embossed" using my scor-pal.  I had already punched out the focal cardstock in enchanted evening.  The bottom cardstock is actually sweet blush.  I wasn't sure how well it would go but I am pretty pleased with the contrast it gives the darker colors.
The bird is from a scrappy cat set I bought at Joann's (if I remember correctly) and embossed with clear embossing powder.
I hope it isn't too old fashioned looking for a younger girl.  But I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
For the heck of it I am also including a most recent picture of my baby boy
Don't you just love that smile.  I love it when he smiles at me.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday girl

Hello everyone!!!  I get to show you another birthday card.  This card is for a girl that lives down the street.  Sometimes she attends church with us and she just had a birthday so I thought it would be nice to send her a birthday card to let her know we miss her at church.
I saw this lovely card of Lisa Johnson's here and since I don't get to use a lot of pink and loved the color combo I went with it.  I used the color combo and the layout for this card.  It isn't the same but close and something I am really pleased with.

The materials used were all Papertrey Ink minue the Martha Stewart border and butterfly punch.  The colors are pure poppy and berry sorbet.  I also used white and kraft cardstock.  That is about it for today.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Vintage Spring Birthday

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Happy Monday, this week begins a few months filled full of activities that are sure to keep us busy.  We had a very fun and exhausting weekend, how about everyone else?
Yesterday was my only living grandparent's birthday.  My grandma turned 92 years young.  She is quite the woman also.  She now lives with my parents but before that she took care of my grandfather who had diabetes and a few other things that prevented him from being able to take care of himself.  My Grandmother has also fought cancer and has emphysema.  She has to have oxygen with her at all times.  She is slowing down but doing well.  Here is a picture of her with 2 of my boys at dinner.

For my Grandmother's birthday my parents decided to take her to dinner and asked if my family and my sister's family wanted to tag along.  Of course, it is our grandmother/great-grandmother.  I didn't know if I or she will be around for her next birthday so we try to take advantage of our opportunity to spend time with family.

I made a simple yet elegant card (in my opinion).  I used PTI aqua mist cardstock with vellum I found while going through my stash.  The PP is from  I found it at Michael's I am pretty sure.  I used the sketch in the new paper crafts magazine that Geny shared here.  I know, it isn't the exact same but it was my inspiration.
Have a great Monday and week!!!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter basket

Hello everyone!!!  Today is Wednesday and the 3rd day of my oldest son's spring break.  It is too bad we haven't really done anything.  I hope to get to the poppy preserve that is in a neighboring town before the rain comes back.
I wanted to share with you the "baskets" I made my older boys for Easter.  They really are not baskets but still something that I thought my boys would like.  I also threw these together Saturday night after they had gone to bed.
I made them using Lauren Meaders template she made for PTI and the paper is SU!  I don't remember the name but I do know that it has been discontinued.  The circles are stickers in the same line as well as the sticker that goes up and down the paper as well.  The rest is pretty self-explanatory. 
I will leave you with a picture I took of my boys on Easter.  I think it was the best I got, which is actually a sad thing.  The shirt my little Garrett is wearing is part of an outfit that my husband wore for his first Easter.  I got it from my Mother-in-law just in time for my second baby boy, Wyatt, to wear on his first Easter.  It actually makes me sad.  I have these outfits that are now going to be put away for as long as it takes to have my first grandkid, which better be many, many years down the road :)
I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bishop, thank you

I don't have a whole lot of time but wanted to post this project since it has been waiting to be posted for so long.
Easter was a wonderful day.  We didn't have church because during the first week in April our church has a worldwide General Conference where we get to hear the leader (Prophet) and other leaders speak out spiritual things basically about Jesus Christ and his life, etc.
Baptisms don't happen at birth either.  We feel that children are not held accountable for their actions until they are 8 so that is when we do baptisms.  Before that we bless the children, basically they get a church record by receiving a name and a blessing.  It is a very beautifully spiritual time.  Usually it is done in church but can be done elsewhere.  My husband and I decided to bless all 3 of our boys this last Sunday, Easter.  Someone from our leadership (local leadership) needs to be here to officiate.  Our Bishop who lives a bit away from us took the time out of his Easter and came to help us bless our boys.  To thank him for his time I made him this:
I love how it turned out and hope he likes it as well.  Also my mom made some wonderful coconut chocolate cookes that we put inside.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Laurie's Notecard holder

Happy Good Friday everyone!!!  This truly is a special day.  I am so grateful for all of my blessings and the life that I have.  What a blessing to have a husband who loves me and puts up with all my faults (and I admit I have a lot of them).  My 3 precious boys are my life and I would do anything to make sure they are happy and safe.  All of this because my eldest brother, Jesus Christ willingly gave his life for me, everyone who has and who will walk on this earth.  Thank you!!!

Today I am wanting to share with you a notecard holder I made thanks to Laurie ( Just give me Stamps).  It was very easy and simple to put together.  I decorated following a style that Lorie posted on her blog here

I also used some DMC floss and a button for the spine to give it some more dimension like Laurie did on her notecard here.
Have a great Easter!!!
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