Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cloth pumpkin

 Hello everyone!!!  I wanted to pop in real quick to share with you the pumpkin I made.  I actually gave it away last night.  It wasn't my own idea, as usual.  I read about it on this blog and just loved it and knew I had to make one. 
I don't kow how many of you have heard of the Halloween tradition of "booing" your neighbors.  After 3 years of living in the same neighborhood we finaly got boo'd.  I was actually very excited and planned on making some homemade sugar cookie pumpkins to hand out.  After going to the website to print out some directions to go with my treat I realized that homemade may not be the best treat.
Instead I packaged up some candy and put this cute pumpkin with it.  Just for some more festive goodness.
I made this pumpking with muslin.  I stamped it with some pumpkin and leave stamps using all sorts of browns, reds, and greens, and a little bit of yellow.
The ribbon is Harvest Gold grosgrain ribbon.  The leaves I bought at the $1 section at Target.  The twirlies are flower wire I bought at Wal-Mart for $1.  A fun, easy, adorable, inexpensive decoration for you and/or family and friends.
I did plan on keeping this one but after getting boo'd I thought it would be neat to give it away.  Besides, we found out we will be moving sometime next year so anything I can get rid of now is less I have to have shipped to my new address.  I just wish I knew where that was.  Hopefully next month we will have some options.  Sometimes military life can be so frustrating  :)
Have a great rest of the week.  I do have some pictures from our church Halloween party so I might post a couple tomorrow but other than that I think I will see you after Halloween.  So, I hope you have some fun parties in your future.  Have a safe and happy Halloween.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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