Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Friday all!!!
I decided to sit and share a photograph I took.  Wednesday we headed to New Haven, Connecticut to go to the Yale Peabody Museum.  The nice thing is that they participate in this great program called Blue Star.  For summer there are a bunch of museums around the country that allow military and family to access their museums for free.  I have taken advantage of 2 of those museums so far and it ha been great.
While in New Haven I was amazed at all the beautiful buildings.  That is one major thing I LOVE about New England.  There are a bunch of old gorgeous buildings that sill exist.
Leaving the museum I was able to snap a shot of this beautiful building.  Afte returning home and looking at the picture I see that it is a library.
This is the original shot I got.

Then I played around with the preset editing on (I LOVE that website)

I can't decide which version I like better.
Have a great weekend!!!
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Lorie said...

That is a great photo! What fun to play around with different types of filters, huh? I like them all!