Thursday, May 10, 2012

Love like...

*since after fidgeting with older posts, deleting and shrinking pictures, I am still not able to post a picture, I will post a link to the sign I made.!/photo.php?fbid=381016465283520&set=a.381016461950187.106228.180053685379800&type=3&theater

he deploys tomorrow.
This is going to be another short post.  I got the supplies for this project way back in November of Decmeber of last year.  It was a project I had hoped to do with other ladies in my ward.

It took me until well after we moved into our new house before I finally put it together.  It probably took so long because I couldn't decide what I wanted to pain the wood.  I finally decided not to paint the wood at all but to stain it instead.  It works better with the decor of my house anyway.
The letter is vinyl.  Thankfully a wonderful lady from church has a machine that cuts vinyl.  I so wish I had one.  Someday I will own a silhouette  :)


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