Friday, December 19, 2008

Bad, bad, blogger

Hello!!! I hope that someone is still checking in on me. I have been horrible about blogging. I have a project I have been meaning to post but just haven't gotten to it. You would think that with all the time I have missed blogging that I would have a TON of things to post about but that just isn't the case.

I wanted to tell you a few things about my last couple of days. As you may remember we live in California on Edwards AFB. That is in "sunny" Southern California. My sister-in-law flew in from Connecticut to spend Christmas with us. My husband wasn't able to get off of work so I took my boys to my sister's and picked up my Mom to head to the airport. Well, that was what was supposed to happen.

My sister called us early in the morning and said it was snowing. We thought for sure by the time we got down there (she lives an hour south of us). After I loaded the boys up and headed down I realized the snow started here and the further I drove the more snow fell and the more snow that was sticking to the ground.

Now, to get to the airport from where we live we have to go through a mountain pass. This pass is used A LOT!!! The snow was falling good there as expected. By the time I got my boys at my sisters and then to my parents house they had closed the mountain pass. Yep, the pass was closed and the other option was closed and the next option was mountain roads with hairpin curves, not doing that (even with 4 wheel drive).

Needless to say, my boys stayed the night at my sisters, I stayed the night at my parents and my sister-in-law had to get a hotel around the corner from the airport. Luckily the pass was reopened the next morning and I was able to go get her and get back home. Now I am way behind on things I had planned to do.

Not to mention I am supposed to teach a lesson in church on Sunday and I have barely looked at the lesson. I can hope that there won't be many people there to see how horribly I am going to be :P

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

If you are reading thanks for stopping in!!! I hope you have had a great week and are going to have a great weekend!!!


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Lorie said...

Oh, my Missy! What you described is our normal winter with the pass and all but California! Glad you are okay though! Have a very Merry Christmas!