Monday, December 8, 2008


Happy Monday all!!! I am so sorry I am getting this post up LATE.

I wanted to tell you all about Saturday's make and take with Marianne, Joy, and Kimberly. It was AWESOME to say the least. I had so much fun (just ask my mom) LOL!!! I was sitting next to my mom and talking up a storm. I just was so excited to spend that much time away from my boys and just be Missy for a while. It was great. In fact, I did so much talking that I didn't get to finish one of my projects. But I kinda put it together on Sunday and took some pictures of the projects we did.

We didn't get to spend much time with Kimberly because she was doing ANOTHER make and take at the same store but different end. She came back to give out prizes every so often. I didn't' win anything but my mom did. She won a copic carry case and a clear atyou spica pen, wooohooo!!!

Joy and Marianne were just great. So friendly and down to earth. Joy and Marianne were so accommodating with whatever we need. There was one point that I was "trying" to color one of the images and Marianne came to stand next to me. I was so intimidating to continue to color near here. She is just awesome. I had to ask a few questions about technique and she was so willing to answer any questions you may have. I would still love to take a certification class with her but that is going to have to wait a while. I am just not sure about being able to spend $80 for the class even though you do get some goodies with it.

The store had a representative helping out with the class too. Her name was Jessica and she was great also. So friendly and willing to help whatever we needed. I ended up having some paper missing from one of my projects and she jumped at the chance to help me. They had extras and she went straight to them and got me what I needed, thank you Jessica.

Tall Mouse is the name of the store we went to and it is in Yorba Linda, CA. It is about a 2 hour drive for me.

My family and I loaded up the car early and heading to the town that I grew up in (well neighboring town) and watched their Christmas parade (I used to march in it for abut 5 years while I was in my Jr. and High School drill teams). Then we headed to the store to pic up our pictures, lunch with my parents, to my sisters to finalize plans for the trip, hung out and then the girls headed to Tall Mouse for the make and take (my mom, sister, niece and I) the guys (my hubby, 2 boys, sisters hubby and step son and daughter, and dad) headed to Bass Pro Shops to do some shopping and see Santa Claus. I guess it went wonderfully and I was so sad to miss the Santa pictures. I guess my youngest went up to see Santa and they do have a picture of both boys with Santa (youngest has never been happy about Santa so this is HUGE) and my oldest got some money for his birthday last month that he got to take and spend on something he wanted. He actually handed the cashier the money and everything. I can't believe I missed that either BUT the make and take was SO much fun.

Okay, enough babbling (imagine how I was on Saturday heheheh) here are the pics of the projects we got to do. Oh and by the way, Tall Mouse now sells The Craft Lounge stamps and they were 30% off so I HAD to pick up a set. Wooohooo!!!

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!!!



OCL Gal said...

Thanks soo much for coming!

Lorie said...

It sounds like you had a blast! Your projects are so cute! :o)

resmith said...

My ear still hasn't stopped ringing, LOL. I had a lot of fun too! It was nice taking the class and spending time with some of my girls.