Monday, December 1, 2008


Happy Monday all!!! I hope you have a great Monday and that your Thanksgiving was wonderful, filled with good food, family and friends.
I wanted to say, with my family September is the mark of not only the pre-holiday stuff but also the beginning of a LOT of birthdays. Starting in September until well into the next year we have someone's birthday EVERY month. We started out December birthdays this passed Saturday. My older sister will turn ?1 on December 2nd, tomorrow and the family got together at her house to help her celebrate her birthday.
Okay, I will start by saying that I have NEVER participated in Black Friday events. BUT this year I made the mistake of going through the ads and seeming some great deals for things we had already planned to get my boys. Now, as you all know my oldest just had his 5th birthday but we still needed some things for Christmas. My youngest will be 3 on the 30th of Dec. and we had a LOT of things we needed to pick up for him so to be able to make this year a little better than it might have we attempted the Black Friday deals. Thankfully my sister had offered to take the boys home with her after Thanksgiving and since we were going back down on Saturday we agreed. I would NEVER do the early morning deals like we did this year with the boys.
But I digress, the reason why I mentioned all of this, well I found a movie that I know my sister wanted so I got it for her. Nice, but I also wanted to do more.
What did I do? I had to break out the purse-onality clutch template again and made her her own clutch. Inside I put a bunch of little scrapbooking/card-making accessories for her to use on whatever she wanted to do. It was really neat.
I again, used Chocolate chip cardstock for the main part of the clutch, and PTI berry sorbet and sweet blush cardstock for the top part. The PP on the bottom is the Nana's Nursery from DCWV, the top was stamped using Guide Lines again. The ribbon is both PTI berry sorbet and sweet blush. I loved the idea of using the ribbon as the handle instead of the paper.
To secure the flap to the rest of the card I used some snaps I had on hand for sewing. I actually sewed them on using white thread and then covered it up on the flap using the flowers.
I was very happy with how it turned out and hope she was too.
As always, thanks for stopping by!!!
P.S. Let me know what you think of this new way of showcasing the pictures, please.

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Lorie said...

Ack Missy! This is simply adorable! You are so thoughtful and much more brave than I!