Monday, January 25, 2010

Greeting Farm Digi

Hello everyone!!!  It is another week.  I am still here, no baby.  I thought I was going to get lucky last night because after church I was having some good contractions.  Not strong enough to make me think we need to get to the hospital right away but strong and painful.  But nope, after about 3 or so hours they had stopped.  Then a few more and then stopped.  I woke up with some more but those were meaningless.  Tomorrow is my last doctor's appointment.  I am hoping the exam can help get things going or I will be far enough along that he just decides to send me to the hospital instead of going home.  I know Friday I will have the baby in my arms one way or the other but I am getting so uncomfortable that I just want it over.
Anyway, you came here for a card not my woes.  So here it is.  This is a greeting farm digi-image.  They are doing a CHA digi-image relay.  This is Mer-Ian if you are able to create a card with him before 6pm central time and upload it to their gallery (which they are having issues with so I hope they fix it so I can upload this card in time) they will email you another image.  You will have until tomorrow at 6pm central to make something with that image, upload it to the gallery and be emailed another digi-image, so on and so forth until Friday.  If you have completed all 5 projects than you get a 6th one also.  Now, I know I will not be able to complete all 5 since at least Friday I will be in the hospital getting ready to meet my new baby but it is fun to get the ones I can get.  Plus, I needed some more play time.
I do have another non-paper project I want to share with you but that will wait.  It is a Valentine's Day project that I absolutely love how it turned out.  I might wait until next week to show you that since I hope to have some more Greeting Farm projects to show you.
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Lorie said...

Super cute card Missy! Good luck at the doctor tomorrow!