Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Colors in my mind

Hello everyone!!!  I hope your Tuesday is going okay.  I have been busy since 1am :)  My little guy slept with me since 1 so I could get some more sleep but he ended up fidgeting and fussing enough to keep me up every hour until 7 when I had to get up.  I am feeling fine now but I can assure you that in a few hours I will be ready to collapse and tonight is a long one for me.  My husband is cub scout leader and my son tags along until he is old enough to officially be a cub scout.  Tonight is pack meeting and I go to those, of course tonight I have to go because I am going to have my son with me until it is time for pack meeting.  (I have an appt for one son in town 45 mins away and...well...it is really a long story so I will just leave it at that.)  Anywho, no one wants to come here and hear about my life's details. 
I have been thinking about color combonations since reading Geny's blog post here.  I think she does a magnificant job of combining colors and making them beautiful.  I am still sad that she is no longer with Papertrey Ink.
So, since last night/early this morning I have been thinking of the pastel PTI colors.  I decided I was going to put together spring moss and spring rain together.  Later I decided to add in lavendar moon.  It was actually a good thing I did because it turns out I do not have any spring rain cardstock.  I plan on making up a list of all the colors I need.  I also need to get the new formula ink of the original colors.  I am also working on getting all the bigger ink pads for all the PTI colors.  I am just loving them all.
Like I said, I wanted to use spring rain but unless you look really hard you are not going to see it on this card.  When spring rain came out I was just buying the cubes and it is in the old formula that has somehow ended up watering out, or whatever they are saying happened.  I used the spring rain ink to stamp background basics: spots and dots on the kraft cardstock mat and then inked around the kraft card base.  That is why I have the blue button.  I hope it doesn't look too out of place since it is hard to see the spring rain on the rest of the card.
I hope you like this card as much as I do.  It may have not been the card I planned on making but it is the card I ended up with and I am very pleased.  I am so happy to finally be wrapping up my thank you cards.  I need to get working on a birthday card.  My niece will be 14 tomorrow (OMGosh, I am old) and her birthday party will be this Saturday, so thankfully I have a bit more time to get it done and get her a gift as well.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Lorie said...

Your card is beautiful Missy...just the perfect color combination! I hope all goes well for you tonight! :o)