Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yet another thank you

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  I hope you all had a great Monday.  Sorry I wasn't here.  I planned to post a couple more thank you cards I had made on Friday but woke up with my newest baby at 4am with a migraine and it refused to leave me until well into the night last night.  I am still recouping but at least I can function a lot better.  Of course, my stomach hasn't caught up just yet.  Not being able to eat normally for a day really messes with you.
On a side note, my baby Garrett is 1 month old today.  Granted his first month was a short one but still, times does fly way too fast.  I still need to take him to the photographer for professional pictures.  We didn't even do hospital pictures with him because the hospital he was born at doesn't do the usual hospital pictures but more of portraits.  That in and of itself would be fine but the packages they offered were EXPENSIVE and raising 3 boys on military pay is not easy as it is, let alone adding more expenses like that.
So today is another thank you card duo that I came up with.  Well, "I" didn't come up with it.  I kinda cased it from Niki Estes.  Here is the link to her card.  And here is my version.
It was actually pretty easy to put together.  All the ingredients are PTI, minus the DMC floss and button.  Since it is pretty self explanatory and I have a lot to catch up with today I am going to leave you with the picture.  If you have any questions, as usual, don't hesitate to ask either by email or comment.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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