Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The other half

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!  Last night was so nice and calm actually.  I finally gave in to my boys and let them play in the new plastic cheap-o pool we got them over the weekend and then it was on to the slip n slide.  My middle man has been begging to go on the slip n slide since January probably.  I was a little skeptical if he would actually play because he didn't like it last year.  I gotta tell you though, a year makes a huge difference.  Both of the older boys played on that thing for about 45 minutes.  They certainly wore themselves out.
My little man, on the other hand, absolutely hates the pool.  I think it was more of the water being on the cold side than the actual water.  I am hoping that is the case anyway, I don't want any of my boys afraid of the water.
This is the other half to the page I showed you yesterday.  Again, not sure of the 12 x 12 sheet.  I just had it in my stash.  I am glad I didn't cut these down when I was doing my PP earlier.  I think all the elements I used on this sheet are the same I used on the other one.  I just love how it turned out.  Of course, when you have a cutie like him on the page it definitely makes the page.
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Lorie said...

Oh, this is so super fantastic! How adorable is that little guy? SUPER!

resmith said...

Great layout! Love the pics!