Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sad day...

Today is a sad day for me.  I am sure to shed some tears.  I cannot believe it is here already.  Today is the day that my oldest son becomes an big boy.  No longer is he a kindergartner but he will be in 1st grade.  When did this happen?  Really?  Everyday I look at him and he does something so sweet and shows me he is getting older.  Of course we are still struggling with discipline but that will take some time I am sure.

We will be attending a kindergarten program since they do not have graduations here.  My son has already told me that they are singing songs and that I will cry.  I am sure I will.

I wanted to do something nice for his teacher but with a small budget.  I already showed you the spa-like gift I did for her but it just didnt feel like enough, especially with all the things she has done for my son and all the other kids in her class.
I got her a candle and decided to take an idea on saw on a blog and twist it to my capabilities.  I am not sure of the blog I got it from but I will search later and link to it.

My sister was kind enough to let me have a small mason jar and use some etching cream to etch an apple in the mason jar.  I then took some pebbles I got from Michael's a long time ago, put them in a plastic cup and used my simply chartruese reinker.  I just put about 5 drops in the cup and mixed it all up until all the pebbles were pretty coated.  I poured them out on a napkin and let them dry overnight.  Then I just put them in the mason jar and then stuck the candle in as well.

The tag was pretty simple.  I don't have much more time, I need to get breakfast and such before I need to run off again for the program.  I will try to add more to this post later. 

Thanks for stopping by!!!


resmith said...

This gift set turned out terrific!! I am sure his teacher will love it all!
Great job!

Lorie said...

That is a great gift! I hope you weren't too sad today!

Tanya said...

This turned out wonderful!! I am sure she loved it.