Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos, photos and more photos

Hello all!!!  As I promised I have something to share with you today.
Right arond Memorial Day weekend I got some great news that I had won a photo book courtesy of vistaprint via Wendy Aderson's blog "Just me and my little world".  I was in total shock when I got the news.  I remember showing my husband the book and all the possibilities it brought but I even told him I wasn't going to win so we might as well just forget about it.
Well, it took me about a month to decide what to do with it and then get all the pictures together.  I couldn't have bee more happy when I finally got all the pages together.
I must admit that I was surprised when I got the book in the mail.  It isn't quite what I expected.  It is only 26 pages but for some reason I expected it to be thicker ad the pages smaller.  It looks to be a 12 X 12 sheet and the pages are grat and the pictures are awesome but just not what I expected.  I am grateful I have it though.
I decided to "scrapbook" the last year that we spent in Alaska.  It was the most amazing and sad year all at the same time.  I didn't realize how much I was going to miss it all when we were there.  Now, everytime I think about Alaska or look back at pictures I miss home.  Crazy how a Southern California girl could so easily become an Alaskan, but I did.  I can't wait to be able to move back. 
 I know my oldest can't wait either.  He has been talking about it since we left.  My middle one doesn't remember it much and of course my younget has no idea about it at all.  I hope the younger 2 come to love it as much as the rest of us have.
I have more projects so I hope to see you back next week.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Lorie said...

Very cool! What a treasure that book is for you guys!