Thursday, July 15, 2010

The reason for my LONG MIA

Hello everyone!!!  I hope some of you are still out there.  It has been a very long time since I have posted here.  I feel horrible.  I have been MIA here because I have had my hands full with my 3 young boys.
(The sign I helped my boys make to greet their dad at the airport)
I finally feel comfortable sharing this information with you.  For a month my husband has been gone.  We call it a TDY but in the civilian world I guess it would be a business trip.  He was in Texas for a class.  My husband is a crewchief AKA airplane mechanic in the Air Force.  Right now he is gearing up to work on different airplanes than he has since he joined the Air Force.  To do that he has to go to classes.  This past month he was learning what he needed to know about the B-1 bomber.  Down the road he will be learning more about the B-52 and one more class for in depth information about the B-1 again.
I don't know when these classes will happen and where all of them are and for how long but I know that again I will be a single parent to my three boys.  I have dealt with him being gone before but that was when we were dating and I had a full-time job outside of the home.  This was his first real trip since our boys have been born.  I have to tell ya, I commend all the single parents out there that make it work.  I am not cut out to be a single parent.  I managed and lived through it, survived, but I am not looking forward to doing it again.  And the one thing I refuse to think about is that someday it is quite possible that we may have to live through a 6 month deployment.  I am so grateful that that hasn't happened yet.  I also feel blessed that we haven't been through, and probably won't, have to live through a year long deployment.  I commend those Marine and Army wives that do it more than they should.
The sad thing, for my husband, is that he was thrown right into our crazy lifestyle.  Just hours after my husband arrived home I began to get a headache.  It wasn't bad so I assumed it would be going away as soon as it came.  We stopped and got something to eat on the way home so I take some pain killers.  It didn't work.  I went to bed with the same headache.  Now, the problem I have is that if I go to bed with a headache I am waking up with a migraine.  Sure enough, that is what happened.  We had plans to go see Toy Story 3 that day but with my head the way it was I just didn't want to ruin the trip.  I told my husband to take our 2 oldest boys and go.  I am glad they had a good time and got some fun 2 on 1 time with Daddy.  Thankfully later that night my headache dissipated and I was able to enjoy a few hours with my husband before we needed to get some sleep, he had to work today.
I guess with my hands full trying to be a mom and a dad to my 3 boys I have been busy and stressed.  Also with hubby gone, in a sense, I was without my muse.  I didn't feel excited about creating.  Now that he is home, I do.  I have one project to show you and another that I won on a wonderful blog.  So I hope you come back soon and often to see what this month long siesta has done for my mojo. 
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Lorie said...

It is so hard being a single parent but YOU MADE IT THROUGH...good for you! It is what you have to do for your husband as a military wife. I'm glad he is home though! HUGS girlie!