Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A project and an excuse

I made this journal for my son's teacher in California for Christmas.  See how bad I have been about blogging and creating?  The holidays and the move have really messed me up.  I hope to get crafting again really soon.
Tuesday I received a new set of Wplus9 stamps and can't wait to use them.  Where we are now we also have a Hobby Lobby.  I didn't know what I had (while living in Oklahoma) until we didn't have it anymore.  Now that we are back in a state that has Hobby Lobby, it is my new favorite store.  I have already been there once and plan to go back many more times.  I did do well and only bought this stuff called ribbon glue.  I hope to try it out soon and I will let you know what I think of it.
Just a heads up here.  Monday (for the holiday) we went on a road trip to a place called Wall, SD.  It is the home of Wall Drug Store and so many stores and souveniers.  While there I somehow misplaced lost my only pair of glasses.  Yep, I guess when it comes to glasses I revert back to being a child.  Luckily I was able to get an eye appointment this coming Monday (I am way overdue for an appt. anyway).  But that means that until I get my new pair of glasses I will not be doing much of anything.  I can still see but everything makes my eyes strain and therefore gives me a headache.
Hopefully by the middle/end of next week I will be in full swing again.  Man, after all these mini trials we have had since moving here it is going to make things so marvelous when we make it through.  I can't wait for that day  :)
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Lorie said...

So cute Missy! I'm sorry about your glasses but if you didn't see Wall you probably weren't missing much. We went through there this last summer when Sturgis was going on...what a pain!

resmith said...

This is a terrific card! Hope you can get your glasses soon! Now I know what it is like to be without them, not fun.