Friday, August 21, 2009

A day late...

and a dollar short. Yes, this post was supposed to be typed up and, well, posted yesterday. Just got so many things going on that I didn't get time to do it. Man, I tell ya, having one in school is a lot more stress and work than I ever anticipated. Of course, it probably wouldn't be as bad if we had a second vehicle and I didn't have to drive both my son and my husband back and forth to work and school but we deal with what we have. I do have more time in the morning to get things done but I have been using it to get things done for the house that have been neglected by me the last few months.

So, for today I made a card that I intend to use as part of a card pack for someone. I got the idea for this set from Pine from Pine is here. It makes for a very easy layout but so much fun as well. I am not one for patterned paper so I made some of my own. These are so not my usual colors but I love them together all the same. I got a bunch from my stash and just started stamping different patterns on them. My intent was to use a simple sentiment like, thank your or thinking of, something simple like that. Then I saw a stamp set I loved but have hardly used. "Heavenly Medley" from PTI. I just love that set and there are so many wonderful uses for it. I am sure I will be able to find more and more uses for it the more I play around.

Well, that is about all I got for you today. I am watching a friends son today so things are probably going to be a bit more hectic than they normally are at my house. It seems my boys are not in the mood to behave today as well so it should make for one wonderful day. Thank goodness I mentioned to my husband about getting me some caffeine (soda that is) for me on the way home from his doctors appointment. I can already feel a migraine coming on. I managed to get rid of one easily yesterday I hope that is the case for today.

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Lorie said...

Such a lovely card!