Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello everyone!!!  I have missed everyone and the wonderful things I have missed while I was gone.  I have a lot to sort out but hope to be back posting soon.
The reason I was gone...well, we took a trip.  For the first time as a family of five we took a road trip to Wyoming.  It was the place my husband and I planned on retiring to before moving to Alaska.  We still would LOVE to live in Wyoming but not just anywhere in Wyoming, Cody, Wyoming.  That is the main reason why my first son's name is Cody.
We drove through Utah and it was beautiful but we started getting snowed on very quickly.  We expected that when we stopped for the night in Provo, Utah and checked the weather.
It snowed off and on the whole time we were there and it was wonderful.  I miss seeing the snow so much.  I wish it snowed here.  I just have to be patient and wait until we can move to another place that snows.
I will leave with a few pictures of our trip and hope to get scrapbooking it soon.
This is a view from the Buffalo Bill Dam
 This is a turn out just down the road from the Dam
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