Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautifully Divine

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I am so glad it is Friday but so gosh darn tired this morning.  My oldest usually goes to school in the afternoon, we have half day kinder here.  I am so NOT a morning person, neither is he.  That is why I knew we were doing PM kindergarten as soon as I found out.  Unfortunately sometimes, when they do minimum days, he has to go in during AM kindergarten hours.  Today they are doing some kind of Activity Day.  I would be there in a heartbeat but since I have my newest baby staying half a day at school is just not going to work.  It makes me very sad but I have learned to deal with it.
Getting up in time to have my oldest at school by 8AM may not sound bad but for me it is a struggle, for both of us.  I am not looking forward to all day school next year just for that fact.
Today, though, I wanted to show you something I made last night.  My church tries to have what we call Enrichment night once a month.  It is a time for us sisters to get together and grow spiritually and have some fun as well.  It was awesome to be with other ladies who understand me.  I had to take my little man but no one cared because either they had their babies there or they were loving on mine.
Last night was about being beautifully divine and trying to define what that meant.  My friend gave the message that we are like pearls.  Not the fake pearls that are perfectly round and symmetrical but the real pearls that are odd shaped.  We are more beautiful and precious being who we are than trying to be someone we are not.  I loved it and it was so awesome to hear that.  I have a hard time not comparing myself to others so it was nice to hear that we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and be who we are.  That our Heavenly Father loves us with our mistakes and all.  He isn't judging us and comparing us to everyone else, putting us in order of who he loves more.  He is our Father, he will love us however we are.

So, to help us remember the beautiful message shared we all got to make pearl bracelets.  It was so much fun talking to other moms and making something so beautiful.  I might have to make a few more jewelry pieces, especially now that I have learned a few things.  I thought making jewelry was like stringing beads on a thread but it is a bit more complicated that that.  I actually messed up even after she warned us.  I strung my beads, had them help me end it and when all was said and done I fogot to make sure the bracelet was actually going to fit.  Thankfully it just barely fit.  I am lucky too because I even "stole" a few beads from another lady who had more than she needed.  If I hadn't have had those 2 extra I would have had to give mine away to my niece or something.  Now, I just get to make her her own and who knows who else.
Have a great weekend!!!
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Lorie said...

Oh,that is beautiful! Great job!