Friday, November 12, 2010

More birthdays

I wanted to share this fun project with you guys.  It would have been a lot easier if I had my new toy to help me make it.  Here is a link to my new toy and I cannot wait to use it.
I made a bunch of notecards for my son's teacher.  Her birthday was yesterday and since he didn't have school yesterday or today I wanted to get them done to give her on Wednesday.
I knew her birthday was November, as is my husbands, father's and my oldest son's whose birthday party is tomorrow.
I was lucky to find out the exact date so I knew I needed to do something special for her.  I wanted to do something for her because she was my son's teacher last year when he was in Kindergarten.  She is an amazing teacher and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for my son's first year of school and for us as a family. 
Like I said, I was rushing so I didn't get to do anything fancy but I hope she appreciated it.
I will share the card I made her on Monday.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Lorie said...

That is such a fabulous set Missy! I know she appreciated it!

resmith said...

These are great! I am sure she loved them!

freshcutsbylu said...

What a great idea! Your cards are GREAT! I will have to follow your lead and do the same for my kids teachers for Christmas - thanks! I love your new toy - I have one too (but not a pretty pink!), but have run out of tape, makes things much simpler! :) Aliessa