Thursday, July 23, 2009

An explanation

Well, the week has been crazy. In some days I am completely shocked that it is Thursday and on the other hand I keep thiking it is already Friday.

We have had some vehicle issues which is not good considering we only have one vehicle. Tuesday afternoon my husband was running late for lunch but I figured he just got caught up in work and couldn't get out.

When he does walk in for lunch he is red in the face and just looked completely wiped out. I knew something was up. It turns out that he ran a few errands and while on the highway had a tire blow. Now we don't have any old truck. He drives a very big truck and it stands out like a sore thumb here in Southern California. In his military uniform in 100+ degree weather he stands on the side of the road trying to change the tire with semi (18 wheelers) driving right passed him. I ask you all now. If you see a man in uniform changing a tire please stop and at least ask if there is something you can do to help. To take this up one level if you see anyone (male/female, old/young) on the side of the road changing a tire it would be a nice gesture to stop and ask to help.

After lunch we all head out to the truck so that I can take my husband back to work so my boys and I can enjoy the pool for the afternoon. I notice that my oldest is having some difficulty with his seatbelt so I get out to help him. I was wearing flip flops and foot got all twisted up while stepping on the foot step that we have to help get in the truck. I luckily had a hold of the door so I didn't fall to the ground but did end up on the ground. My foot is swollen and still hurting a bit but I can get around a little now. Thankfully my sister had just asked if she could take my boys for a few days before the summer is over. So, they left yesterday afternoon to spend some time with family and I am home to rest and get my foot healed up.

But I also wanted to mention something else. With my husband gone last night to help with the Cub Scouts and my boys at my sister's house I got to spend some quiet time watching a movie I had wanted to watch in quite a while. It is "P.S. I love you". I have heard so many wonderful things about it but never got to see it before. I tell you, if you haven't seen it yet GO. I was here by myself but we share a wall with the neighbors and if they could hear through the wall or if someone was here but had no idea what I was doing, they would have thought I was nuts. I laughed, I cried. When my husband got home there were so many scenes I had to show him and the outtakes. He basically saw half the movie as well :)

Well, I guess that is about it today. I have a bunch of quiet time today so I hope to actually have something to show you tomorrow or later today. Let's plan on tomorrow though.

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Lorie said...

Holy Moly girl...that sounds like quite the week! I hope your ankle heals up quickly! Do be sure to stay down as long as you can! Here is to hoping your weekend is better!