Monday, July 20, 2009

Whimsy-Week 3

Good afternoon everyone!!! Does anyone else wonder where the year is going. I can't believe that July is coming to a close already. My husband and I were talking and we were both thinking that it feels like just last week that we were celebrating the 4th of July. Now it is the 20th of July. Amazing and sad all at the same time. I know there are a lot of mother's out there that are looking forward to the close of the summer. I know my husband is and is especially looking forward to the end of August (our hottest month here in the California desert). I may be a Southern California desert native but I am just not used to this heat anymore. I have been trying to get evening walks in to help with my pregnancy weight gain and figured since yesterday was Sunday we could do a family walk. This was after 7, it was still very hot. The sprinklers we got to walk by were very refreshing. The wind was blowing and there was a cloud cover that promised rain and lightening. There was lightening but as far as I know there wasn't any rain. I wake up this morning to blue skies and sunshine all around. Great for the sun but I would love to tone down the temperatures a bit. It has been 100+ for well over a week now. So not used to that. We were in Alaska for 5 years before this. In Alaska normal summer temps are 60-70 degrees. Maybe a hot 80 once in a great while but then everyone was complaining about the heat. I so miss everything about that place. I can't believe I feel that way either but I do. It got in my blood.

With all of that said I wanted to share with you the card I made for my 3rd week as a Whimsy Challenge Guest Designer. This weeks challenge is to make a card with a fun fold. This can be anything from super easy to really complicated. I went super easy on mine but loved how it turned out. I did have to cut Connor down to size because I was following directions and didn't think about how big my image was. I still think it turned out great. I am pleased with it. My oldest again says it is his card.

This is a pretty simplistic card so I am not going to go into details again. If you do have a question for me please feel free to leave it in a comment or email me with the question. I will be glad to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Tenia Nelson said...

Very nice card!!

Lorie said...

That is a great card Missy! I just can't imagine living in Alaska but I know people that live there do love it. You are doing a great job being happy with what you have though! :o)

Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

Like how this all comes together. Baseball Connor looks FAB. I remember the pregnancy weight, swollen ankles and cravings of those last couple of months like they were yesterday. Hang tough kiddo.