Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Modge Podge

Good afternoon everyone!!! Things have been crazy here. I have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately. It has been difficult with morning sickness and now my migraines are in full force. I didn't get to make to church on Sunday because of both and yesterday I had the same issues.

Today I wanted to share a couple of things with you. While i was down yesterday dealing with my migraine my boys had full reign of the house. Needless to say they made a few messes in the house. My poor husband has been dealing with a lot since I haven't been able to do my duties as a wife and mother.

This morning I had more morning sickness but thankfully my migraine is basically gone and I can function. I did lay down for a while and watch some TV hoping that would help me feel a little better. When I got up the first thing my oldest son said was that they didn't make any messes. then he proceeded to tell me he could wash the dishes. I just agreed and left it at that. Next thing I know he is actually washing the dishes. I had to empty the dishwasher so he could fill it with the dirty dishes. He told me he was 5 and old enough to wash dishes and that "Special Agent Oso" taught him how. "Special Agent Oso" is a new cartoon on TV that helps kids with things they want to do but have not yet figured out how to do it.

I also wanted to show you some jelly/jam that i made with my mom while I was visiting during Father's Day weekend. it was so fun to do all kinds of things with my mom. In fact, it turned out a ton better than the freezer jam/jelly that I made on my own. this jam is what you call shelf jam. It is the kind that you can put on your shelf and it lasts for a year. I can tell you that this jam is not going to last that long at all.

Another thing I want to mention but do not have a picture of because it got eaten before I could take a picture is a new cookie that I got from Melissa Phillips blog. I made some because my husband is a Reese's cup fanatic. It was a huge hit. I suggest if you like chocolate and peanut butter you might want to go over to Melissa Phillips blog and try them out yourselves.

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