Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you


It is Monday, let's all hope that it is the best Monday we could have.  Thank you for taking time out of your Monday to visit with me.  I am very grateful.
As you may know I have many, many thank you notes to get together and sent out.  The lovely young women at my church threw me and another wonderful lady, who had a baby girl just a few weeks before I had Garrett, a baby shower at the church last Tuesday.  Sadly, I have only gotten one thank you card done.  I guess I better get cracking.
Todays card is simple and fun.  I love how easily it came together but I also love the non-traditional patterned paper that I used.  Of course, it only works with boys unless you have some pink camo patterned paper.  I used this layout from another card/blog that I read daily.  If it is yours please let us know and I apologize for not remembering.
Since it is fairly simplistic and I should be doing other things I am going to leave you with the eye candy for today.  Have a great Monday!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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resmith said...

This is a great Thank You card! I love the simplicity of it.