Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day!!!

Unfortunately I didn't get into the craft room like I thought. I did get home a little late last night and I got a big surprise. My hubby came home a little early from his hunt (empty handed :( ) So no nice bear rug for me yet. The hubby is home today (gotta love the military holidays) and he is home until Thursday when he leaves to go to Colorado for an elk hunt. That one he will be gone for a little over a week for sure. I will be crossing and praying for that one (we spent some good money so he can go).

Since I don't have any craft stuff I figured I would share a couple pictures I took while visiting my family this passed weekend and one of the boys before we left to go visit. My boys are my life but crazy. I don't know how someone can handle more than just two boys at a time hehehe. I love them and wouldn't trade them for anything. Okay, enough gibber gabber, here are the pics. The first one is of both my boys playing ghosts before leaving to visit the family. The second picture is of my oldest son jumping off his Aunt's couch and into a pile of couch cushions and an unsuspecting uncle. Sure hope their uncle is okay after all they put him through.
Well, that is it for today. I will make a point to get in the craft room tonight after the kiddos are in bed so I have some eye candy for you. Besides, I got some awesome new paper from Michael's on sale. I am sure a few of you will recognize it. I have a new nephew on the way and it is never too early to get started on goodies for him, right? ;)
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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