Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome home daddy

Happy Saturday!!! Okay, I have to say that I already wrote out this great blog for this post. Then I tried to move around the pictures and next thing you know the whole post is all gone. So, I am not going to write a huge thing this time.

This post isn't about something that I made, well, unless you want to count my boys hehehe. I wanted to make a welcome home sign for my hubby and what is better is that I had the boys make it. My plan was to write out the letters and have each of them color them in with crayons. Then my oldest was going through all of our Halloween stuff and found some paint I bought for him a long time ago. So, what is more fun than coloring with crayons? Painting with paints of course hehehe.

I of course had to take some pictures for posterity. They had so much fun. My oldest son also insisted that we had to paint one of their hands and make a hand print. At first I didn't want to deal with that but then had to concede because he wasn't giving up. It turned out real cute because I had them put one hand print on one piece of paper. I took my oldest sons hand print and put it at the beginning of the sign and took my youngest son's hand print at the end of the sign. Here are some pictures of them painting.

Hope you have a great Saturday!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!