Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wplus9 Challenge

Hello everyone!!!  Thank you for th sweet comments left yesterday.  I still haven't fully digested the fact that she is gone.  I keep looking in my backyard for her.  We have decided to get her cremated and keep her ashes.  We got her when we lived in Alaska and want to bring her ashes back to Alaska where we will then disperse them.  I hope that is what she would want.  She loved the snow and we had to fight her to come in when there were several inches on the ground.
Today I am finally going to get the card posted that I should have posted last week.  I am sure it is late to do anything about it but it is a color challenge for a new up and coming stamp company called Wplus9.  I have seen some of their stamps and so want to get my hands on them.  They are also looking for a 3 month design team member.  Instructions to apply are on their website here.

Sorry the picture is so crappy.  It seems that my laptop has yet again decided it doesn't want to work and my photoshop program is on my laptop since that is what I mainly use.  If we can't get the laptop figured out then I will be moving my photoshop program to the desktop so you can yet again have beautiful pictures.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Lorie said...

What a super fun card Missy! Great job!

Dawn said...

Love the way you've balanced these colors and created a bright cheerful card! I'm sure you could use a little cheer right now. {hugs}