Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A sad day...

I do have a card I want to show you but right now a bit of my heart is breaking and I don't have it in me to share some eye candy.
We lost a member of our family yesterday.  She was only a part of our lives for a short time but she was the best we could have asked for.  She is our pet dog.  We rescued her while we lived in Alaska from a Labrador Rescue.  She was perfect for us from day one.  My middle son was maybe a year old at the time and she took to him and my older son so well.  She played with them so well, she didn't fight when they climbed all over her or tried to smother her with love.
She was already trained and named.  We think she was abot 2 or so years old when we got her.  That would have made her about 5 years old now.  Which makes the reason for her death so unusual.
For a week or so she hadn't been eating much, lethargic and just simply not herself.  It turns out she had been losing weight, drastic weight.  We noticed it but didn't realize how bad it was.  In total from healthy to yesterday, she had lost about 30lbs.
We tried to get her to the vet sooner but ours is out of town.  We waited hoping she would snap out of it.  She started to, we got to play with her for a little while this weekend but yesterday she even refused to take her medicine.  She had been doing that twice a day.
My husband called another vet and we were able to get her in later that day.  We thought maybe, just maybe seh had eaten one of the boys toys and have to have surgery to take it out.
The vet looked her over, couldn't get a single signal from her what might be wrong.  We had decided to go with the Vet's reccomendation to keep her there for a few days.  She was dehydrated,which didn't surprise us, so she needed IV fluids.  They were going to do some bloodwork and if that didn't show anything then it was on to x-rays.  We said a quick good-bye, afterall, we were picking her up in a few days.
After being on the road for maybe 2 minutes I got a phone call from the vet.  They were able to get the IV started but her body gave out when they tried to put in the catheter.  They did everything they could do but her body was too worn out.
The Vet wanted to know what caused it so they continued with the bloodwork.  She had severe kidney failure.  It was so bad the vet couldn't believe the results.
RIP Stormy.  You were an angel to have and you will always be our Stormy.  You will always be missed and loved, not just as a pet but as a member of this family.
Thank you for all you have done for us.


Lorie said...

Awww...I'm so sorry for your family's loss. I bet the boys are missing her. HUGS!

resmith said...

She is going to be greatly missed by us all!!