Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bishop, thank you

I don't have a whole lot of time but wanted to post this project since it has been waiting to be posted for so long.
Easter was a wonderful day.  We didn't have church because during the first week in April our church has a worldwide General Conference where we get to hear the leader (Prophet) and other leaders speak out spiritual things basically about Jesus Christ and his life, etc.
Baptisms don't happen at birth either.  We feel that children are not held accountable for their actions until they are 8 so that is when we do baptisms.  Before that we bless the children, basically they get a church record by receiving a name and a blessing.  It is a very beautifully spiritual time.  Usually it is done in church but can be done elsewhere.  My husband and I decided to bless all 3 of our boys this last Sunday, Easter.  Someone from our leadership (local leadership) needs to be here to officiate.  Our Bishop who lives a bit away from us took the time out of his Easter and came to help us bless our boys.  To thank him for his time I made him this:
I love how it turned out and hope he likes it as well.  Also my mom made some wonderful coconut chocolate cookes that we put inside.
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