Monday, April 12, 2010

Vintage Spring Birthday

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Happy Monday, this week begins a few months filled full of activities that are sure to keep us busy.  We had a very fun and exhausting weekend, how about everyone else?
Yesterday was my only living grandparent's birthday.  My grandma turned 92 years young.  She is quite the woman also.  She now lives with my parents but before that she took care of my grandfather who had diabetes and a few other things that prevented him from being able to take care of himself.  My Grandmother has also fought cancer and has emphysema.  She has to have oxygen with her at all times.  She is slowing down but doing well.  Here is a picture of her with 2 of my boys at dinner.

For my Grandmother's birthday my parents decided to take her to dinner and asked if my family and my sister's family wanted to tag along.  Of course, it is our grandmother/great-grandmother.  I didn't know if I or she will be around for her next birthday so we try to take advantage of our opportunity to spend time with family.

I made a simple yet elegant card (in my opinion).  I used PTI aqua mist cardstock with vellum I found while going through my stash.  The PP is from  I found it at Michael's I am pretty sure.  I used the sketch in the new paper crafts magazine that Geny shared here.  I know, it isn't the exact same but it was my inspiration.
Have a great Monday and week!!!
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