Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!!!  I am SO glad to have this week over with.  It has literally been a week from hell.  I even have a very vivid nightmare to prove it.  Granted it was a silly nightmare but a nightmare all the same.
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Sorry again about the picture.  My laptop still is on the frits so I need to get the photoshop program transferred to this computer.

Today I am showing off my sewing skills, or lack of in some cases.  I like to carry Garrett in a sling because we don't use an infant car seat.  We have always used a convertible car seat.  It is so much cheaper than buying the infant car seat and then the bigger baby car seat and then the booster seat.  So we just have to buy 2 instead of 3.  Well, none since we can still use the ones from our bigger boys.
Since we don't have the car seat to lug around though it does make it difficult in some cases.  Like church, a stroller isn't going to really work there, going to the baseball game tomorrow, no strollers.  Even going grocery shopping is easier with this sling than a stroller.
I started out with this really nice one called a pouch sling that my hubby bought me for Christmas that I love but Garrett hates since he is getting so big and he is pretty squished in there.
My mom and I found a pattern from McCall's and I attempted to make a new typed called a Mai Tei (probably spelled wrong).  I messed it up a couple of times but finally got it working.  I used it today to run a couple of errands and it is SO nice.  I am happy with it and might have to make at least one more to change out once in a while.
I would show you a picture of what it looks like on but I don't have anyone to take a picture of me wearing it.  I will try and get one this weekend and I will post it next week.
Enjoy your weekend and pray that the Yankees win!!!  :D
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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resmith said...

This turned out great!!! What if I want to root for the Angels?LOL