Friday, September 17, 2010

C.C. Designs

Happy Friday everyone!!!  It has been a crazy fun week this week.  There were days I thought it was later in the week than it was but to believe that we are already at Friday is crazy as well.
This week I started volunteering in my son's class.  It is fun to see what he does all day.  It is especially nice because ever since he started school I would ask him what he did that particular day.  The response I got was either very, very short or "I don't remember".  I had a few moments to talk to his teacher about him and his classroom behavior and it was refreshing to have a casual conversation with his teacher instead of the formal parent/teacher conferences.
Anyway, today I am showing you the card I made for one of my niece's birthday, finally.  She had her birthday on the 6th of September.  The same day as my younger sister.  This card is going all the way to Kansas so it is definitely going to be late.  I hope she likes it. 

This card actually came together so easily it shocked me.  I started slowly.  Just grabbed some white cardstock and measured it.  Decided to go with a different size.  This is a 6X4 1/4 size card.
I had the polka dot PP on my desk so I started to play with it.  I had intended on using the shape on the front but used it for the inside since I used the frame on the front instead.
I was rummaging through my desk and happened upon a stash of already stamped images I got from my mom and sister and this one just seemed perfect for my niece.  The colors I used are aqua mist, melon berry, plum pudding and harvest gold.  I didn't intentionally pick any of these color they just seemed to pick themselves.  I think they all work together really well.
I have to admit, it was so much fun coloring images again.  I haven't done that in ages.  You might see more of them on here in the near future.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned.  Nothing planned here so we shall see what comes of our weekend.  I know the hubby has something he is going to do for a few hours in the morning tomorrow so we shall see what transpires for us.
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Lorie said...

Cute card Missy! I hope you get to enjoy some downtime this weekend!