Saturday, May 21, 2011

Armed Forces Day!!!

I am a little ashamed today.  I happened upon a friend's blog today and she informed us all of Armed Forces Day.  Did you know it was today?  As an Air Force wife you would think that I would have known that.  The military holds a precious place in my heart, not just because I am a military wife, not just because I am a Marine's daughter, or that my brother, uncles and many other members of my family served but because without them and what they do/did I wouldn't be able to do what I want and enjoy everyday.
Please stop by Lorie's blog here and read some more info about Armed Forces Day.
Sad that the people we are celebrating cannot celebrate as well.  So many are overseas and fighting for their lives and others even here at home have to work to make sure that we are prepared in case something did happen.
I love you all, my military family.
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Lorie said...

I'm glad you happened upon my blog today Missy! Enjoy your day and thank you DH for us!