Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Wow!!!  Mark your calendars, I have two posts in two days. 
I wanted to show you some of the fun we had here in yesterday afternoon.  It is was supposed to rain all week long so I didn't expect to get any outdoor playtime this week.  It even looked like it was going to rain this morning but by the afternoon it looked and felt beautiful.
Thankfully I also stumbled upon a "recipe" for some sidewalk chalk paint.  What is better than that.  I know my middle man loves to paint and he loves to play outdoors so this is just a great way to combine it all.

My middle man has to be in all the pictures and he couldn't wait to dig into the paint.

I wanted to show you these to explain what I said earlier.  This is the view of the clouds from my front porch.

Then I turned 90 degrees and the sky looked this beautiful.

The 5 minutes that my boys were actually getting along.

He had to take a time out to eat his marshmallows.

Most of the artwork we created yesterday.  I contributed with a couple of flowers and "Welcome Home Daddy" sign.

All in all it was a great afternoon and something I will definitely do again.  I just need to make sure to have more of the ingredients so it will last longer.
Thank you to a friend from church for sharing the recipe.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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