Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teachers gifts

Happy Tuesday all!!!  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend.  We had a very busy weekend here.  Started our sightseeing and had a great time.
We decided to head to Deadwood, SD.  I don't know how many have seen the HBO series "Deadwood" but that was sure a deciding factor in going.  It is an awesome town and I honestly can't wait to go back.  There is still so much that we haven't been able to see or do.
For today though, I wanted to show you the cards and half of the gifts that I made for not only my son's teacher but also for the counselor.  She did a lot in helping my son get more comfortable at this school and I really felt like there is something I needed to do for her.
You might remember the melon berry version of this card in an earlier post.

I also made these cardcases and filled them with some cards for them to use.

I am crunched for time (baseball season has started here) so I am going to have to leave it at that.  If you have questions about the this project please leave me a comment and I will respond there.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


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Lorie said...

Wow, great job with these gifts! I know they will be appreciated! I'm going to try and make one of those cute pencils you had on your blog soon! :)