Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today I become the mother of 2 kids that are in school.  It really saddens me but I am so proud of my boys.  Everyday I learn from them and get annoyed by them.  But with everyday I see something in them that makes me so proud of them.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them.

I wanted to show you something that I made for the office staff (they are made out of rolos and hershey's kisses).  I also learned a few things while making them so if I make them again, I know better how to do it.
First thing I learned: tape the rolo wrapper to the rolo foil (otherwise they will move around and possibly fall out of the wrapping.  Number 2, I scored the yellow cardstock every 1/2".  This made it so much easier to roll the cardstock.
I got the idea from a blog I found from another blog and just had to make them.  They are too cute not to share.
The paper is all PTI (Harvest Gold and Berry Sorbet) and so is the stamps.  I also used regular kitchen grade foil for the tip.  That little bit just adds so much to the whole look.

I added the stamped pencil and "No. 1" on my own (not on the original post that I saw).  I thought it added just enough of reality.  Like the No. 1?  I know I am cheesy but I really like it and I think everyone else did as well.

Well, I think that is about it.  I am going to run.  We have a long weekend planned with fun stuff.  I hope our boys love it as much as we do.
On Tuesday I will have more of what I made for the teachers.
Have a great Memorial Day!!!
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Lorie said...

What a super fun gift for anyone at a school! Great job Missy!