Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I set out to make a card last night.  Instead I made the same mistakes I made before when I tried to sit down and make the same card, so I gave up.
I recently found a bunch of single sketch copic markers at Hobby Lobby.  As you may know, those markers can get pricey.  BUT I have also realized that they give 40% coupons.  So, I have been buying markers one at a time when I could.  So I had a few new markers I have been wanting to play with.
Can't make a card so why not color instead.  I do hope to make these adorable girls into cards before we leave on Friday.
The reason I am writing all this is because I wanted to show you what most of you probably already know.
The black ink that I use is Staz-On.  I thought that was supposed to be good for copics.  But this is what happened when I colored my images.
Adorable girls, right?  I think so.
Look at this precious thing.  I think she is so elegant and precious.  But after I was done I saw this...
Not so pretty.
But I pressed on and went to another image.
Again, not so pretty.
So, I let the last one dry overnight and figured once it was good and dry it would bleed anymore.
This is how it turned out. 
From first glance, again so cute.  BUT...
Yep, more bleeding.
I think I need to find some different ink.  I have heard Momento is good but I just haven't went out and got it.  I use Papertrey Ink cardstock and I haven't heard of anyone else having any problems using their copics with it.  I think I just need to go get some black momento and try that.


resmith said...

These are adorable images! I either use the momento or mostly I use PTI True Black and I haven't had any problems. For now you could also try heat setting your ink with your heat embossing tool and see if that will work. I don't like the staz on ink much because it stains your stamps.
Love your coloring otherwise!

Lorie said...

I use Momento ink but still get some bleeding with light yellow colors. Overall, though, Momento works great!