Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Apparently I have been on and off long enough that most of my followers have left me :(  I will have to do more giveaways and hopefully we can bring them back.
Since Lorie was the only one that left a comment she wins the copy of "The Pirate Queen".  Lorie, if you can email me your address I will get that book out to you as soon as possible.
With all that said, here is another book review.  This book is called "Lilies in the Moonlight" and it is by Allison Pittman.
I can't say enough good things about this book.  Once I got started on reading I could not put it down, no kidding.  Even when I was suffering from a migraine I decided to take a bath and take this book with me (actually, that happened twice).  When we were having a rainy, nasty day...I picked this book up and started reading.  Next thing I know it was after my boys bedtime and I finished Mrs. Burnside, an older lady with dementia.
After a party Lily finds herself in the backyard of Mrs. Burnside, passed out and injured.
Lily meets Cullen (Mrs. Burnside's son) and begin a stormy "relationship".  Cullen has his own demons but his are more obvious.
I say relationship because they aren't a couple but because Lily is living in his house they find themselves running into each other a lot.
With Mrs. Burnside's oblivious help these two people find hope and a chance for new beginnings.

So, let's do another giveaway.  I will give a little more time for this one.  Let's keep this one going until next Sunday, the 26th of June.  I will annouce the winner on the 27th, Monday.
Same rules apply, leave a comment and you get one chance; announce it on your blog, a second chance; follow me on facebook or here and you get three chances to win.  Of course, if you already follow either on facebook or here then let me know and that will still count.
I do have a card to share with you tomorrow so I hope to see you then.
*disclaimer* I was given this book free from Multnomah in exchange for this review
Thanks for stopping by!!!

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