Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bragging and Lacking

<---Before the game

<----His first time on the bases

<---After running the bases

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I am going to spend a few minutes bragging after I explain the lacking part.

Right now I am without a project to show you and this is why. Yesterday morning I woke up with a headache and spent most of the morning trying to make it go away since my oldest had a T-ball game, his first, last night. Finally after tylenol, excedrin, caffeine soda and chocolate bar, I made myself get up and do some chores I had to do around the house. Thankfully the time spent on those projects helped me forget about my headache and then it was gone. So, I was set to go to my son's T-ball game, granted with a slight allergy issue but I had taken something for that as well.

Sitting on a blanket in the grass surrounded by bugs was not a good thing for me. My allergy issue went into full gear and by the time the game was over I was ready to go to bed. I was drained, literally. It took all I had to entertain my sister and her family, get my boys fed, and finish the macaroni salad I had started earlier that day. On top of feeling so tired and worn out I also had a little bit of the queasiness going on. I tell ya, it wasn't a good night but I did my best to make the best of it. I hope that my sister and her family understands. The next game they come to should be better than last night.

My son had THE best time and so did I. It was amazing to watch him play in a game and have a blast out there. I was glad that they didn't count outs. Yes, the kids practiced getting the other team out but whether they were out or not didn't matter, they still ran the bases. My son played Short Stop and then Pitcher with a couple other kids. Play pitcher was more fun because that is where most of the balls got hit to. BUT and I stress the but, my son wanted to add wrestling to the game. He kept fighting with his friend for the ball. He refused to let anyone else play. It was kinda embarrassing but funny. I think he literally tackled with his friend twice for the ball. I am just so proud of him. If I can blame it on hormones I will, but I really had to choke back the tears after the game. My boy is growing up and getting bigger. He is playing T-ball now. Before I know it he will be in kindergarten and then it is a losing battle for me after that. I am a mommy who is trying to hold on to her babies.

Well, after all that, I am sharing a few pictures from the game. I do have a couple of projects I hope to get to today. I got some yummy Anya stamps in the mail yesterday and they are dying to be inked up. Please check back later for at least one. I do have to take my oldest to speech today so it won't be until later in the day more than likely.

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Crafty Num Nums said...

Oh my gosh too cute :) I so need to get those pics to you that I took, PERFECT action, just like C :)

We had a great time, don't stress. I felt bad casue you looked like you were miserable. I just better not get sick :p

Crafty Num Nums said...

Ok, so I put as many pics on the site but I still have like 50 that i can't upload casue I am over the mex for the month :(