Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Simple Easter Baskets

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Sorry I wasn't here yesterday to show off the Easter baskets I made for my boys. They really are nothing special. I know my boys and how they treat things so I went very simple. Just the base template from Lauren's My Timeless Templates with some sponging and a couple of screw brads to fasten on the handle. The boys loved them though and were so excited that the Easter bunny visited them.

There were a lot more jelly beans in there but the boys got a hold of them right away and had them basically eaten right away. Also, the "grass" is edible. I found it at Joann's but also saw it at Michael's.

I am leaving you with a picture of my boys on Easter "Saturday" hehehe, since that is when we celebrated Easter.

I have pictures of the card I made my grandmother for her 91st birthday to show you yesterday so please come back for that.
I am not going to give the deets since there really isn't anything to tell, very simple I tell ya.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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Melissa Bickford said...

Adorable little guys you have there, Missy!!