Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's time for Dodger Baseball...

Hello everyone!!! I certainly hope you are all having a wonderful LONG weekend. We still have one more day to relax and enjoy family and friends. I am popping in just for a few to overload you guys with some pictures from the baseball game yesterday.

It was a very well played game, until the end. The game actually went into extra innings. 10 innings to be exact. By that time my boys had more than had their fill. I did bring their sweaters but can you believe, I left them in the truck. It did get chilly out there so it was rough for them.

When we went into extra innings and seeing how the boys were handling I just hoped that it wold end and at that point I didn't really care who. It was the Dodgers who "won" it. I say it like that because in my opinion the Dodgers didn't win it, the Angels lost the game. Our relief pitching was horrible and the winning run was walked in. Can you believe that? It was awful. Those Dodger fans can be relentless. Also, there was an Angels fan near us that we will just say had too many drinks. I was afraid a fight was going to start and we would have to get the boys out of there, quick. But it didn't and for that I was grateful.

Now, for the overload of pictures.

I should have 2 posts for you tomorrow. I have a card I made for 2 challenges and I am hoping to have something done for the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop as well.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


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