Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello everyone!!! Today is the day. This afternoon I will be seeing my baby for the last time on TV. I won't see it again until the day I give birth and see it's precious face looking up at me too. I am so excited and kinda nervous too. I have been feeling movements lately so that is reassuring but still it is nothing like seeing the baby on the monitor. I can't believe we are just about half way there. Actually, I say half way because if this baby is anything like my boys than it will be early. My oldest son was 8 days early and my youngest was 5 days early. We shall see what happens with this one though. I am just glad that January and February have beautiful birthstones. I am going to have one colorful mother's ring someday.

So today I am finally showing you the project I made with my mom while my parents were here helping with truck repairs.

It is an accordion folder that my mom found the instructions too here and it is so easy and fun to make. My mom had the idea of putting stamps in it. It was actually a perfect idea for me because I had quite a bit of small stamp sets that didn't really have a home in my craft area. As you may see in the pictures, I have already filled up this accordion file folder. I guess you can always make the dimensions a little different to suit your needs. I might have to do that because I have some more stamps that are just laying on my desk.

I made the outside design pretty simple since it was just for me. The button I colored with a copic marker to match the rest of the project and the green is a brad I used to hold the file folder closed. You are supposed to use a window punch but I don't own one and my mom said when she tried to use hers it wasn't strong enough to get through the cardboard we used for the front and back. My mom used a magnet to keep hers closed and I love it. I so need to get me some magnets. They make a project so much easier (I think), I have never used them before.

Well, I think that is about it for today. I hope to be back again tomorrow but no more promising, who knows what is going to happen day to day anymore.

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resmith said...

I love how this turned out!! You did a great job with the closure. It is always fun to do crafts with someone else. I hope we can do it again soon!

Lorie said...

The file is wonderful! How exciting for you today...I hope all went well! :o)