Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wrong Again

I really need to learn not to say what I am going to show you when. Like I mentioned yesterday I was planning on showing you a card I made for my step-niece. Her birthday was the 6th of September. I am behind or what?

This is what happened. I went to talk to my husband yesterday and he informed me that there was something special going on on the base today. I may have or not have told you that we had something special happen last Friday as well. As you may know, we live on Edwards Air Force Base. The space shuttle landed here last Friday and we got to go out and see it land. That was an awesome experience and I was all giddy about it. I didn't bring my camera though. I assumed that since we were going to be on the runway that we wouldn't be able to take pictures. Much to my dismay there were people with cameras and video cameras taking pictures of the landing.

Yesterday when I talked to my husband he said that the base was doing a viewing of the space shuttle today from 9am until 1pm. Not only that but we also found out that my husband was going to get the leave that he requested. He is off today and tomorrow.

This morning we got up, ready, and headed out to the meeting place to take a bus where the shuttle is housed. It was the boys first bus ride ever so that was interesting.

It was a long wait to get on a bus and a bit of a ride to get to where the shuttle is but it was so neat. I was a little disappointed to because I thought the shuttle was going to be out of the "cage" that it is in while here getting ready for the flight back to Florida. This way we would be able to see the shuttle nose and all, not the case though. It was nice though because my oldest was able to go with us as well and we got back just in time to take him to school. What an exciting day for him, huh?

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:


resmith said...

No matter how close you got it is a experience in itself to see it that close. If you are on the road that goes by it. I remember seeing the nose stick out. What a memory for the boys to have and they will have pictures to show off.

Lorie said...

Oh, my gosh! What a wonderful thing to see! I'm with your will be an amazing scrapbook opportunity! :o)

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Great pics!! thanks for sharing these with us. ;)