Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am going to do a selfish post today and then hopefully I can show you the card I made for my step-niece tomorrow.

As I said yesterday, my ultrasound appointment was yesterday afternoon. I was so excited to see my baby, for the last time on monitor. Now I have to wait until it is born to see it face to face. I cannot wait for that moment but then again I want this whole process to go slow as well since it will be my last time experiencing all of it.

It went smoothly, except for my boys being very rambunctious before, after and during. They thought it was "so cool" to see the baby. My oldest comes up with some of the craziest things nowadays. I love it. They are both so very excited always wanting to hug my belly or kiss my belly or talk to the baby. I swear, maybe this baby will ending up being late because it is getting a good dose of the kind of family it will be born into :D

The baby is gorgeous and healthy and kept wanting to stare at us the whole time. I had to lay on my side to be able to get a good profile. Absolutely precious. I was able to see all the feet and hands and very good views of the bones in the hands and feet. That surprised me because I don't remember my boys' ultrasound's being so clear with the hand and feet bones.

The ultrasound tech even gave us an adorable picture of the babies feet. I love it. To me, even seeing it in ultrasound it is the most precious thing in the world. I have to say that my husband and I make adorable children :D But I am sure everyone says that.

I was hoping that my baby would be uncooperative and not show anyone the gender but with just a bit of coaxing from the ultrasound tech my husband got to find out what the gender is. She got a picture, put the gender on the picture and printed it out for my husband to see. So he knows and even with a bunch of trying to figure it out I still do not know. I have my suspicions but they are only suspicions.

In case you want to see here they are.

The first picture is the one of the feet I told you about.

The second is the profile that took some effort to get.

The third is of the baby looking at us. The legs are curled up in all the pictures and I am sure the last one shows the baby's hand up against its ear.
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Lorie said...

Eeek...Missy...what wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them! I figured out the gender of the baby...teehee! Please send me your address so I can send you a card, okay?!

Crafty Num Nums said...

LOL, you are sooo gonna want to know :)

Mom and I can't wait to find out and we are SOOOOOOO not going to tell you, hehehehe.

resmith said...

These are adorable pictures!! But I sure would like to know the gender!! If I don't find out then the things that I want to make will have to wait until this baby has arrived. You'll want to know before long........won't you!! :)