Thursday, September 10, 2009


Happy Thursday all!!! I am so glad that the week is coming to a close. It has been a hectic short week but seems to be flying by as well. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. I do have to say that I am so grateful that my husband has a very kind and thoughtful co-worker. Thanks to her offering a ride to my husband today and last night I was able to get dinner going so we didn't have too late of a dinner and I was able to get a little extra sleep this morning and so did, well, one of our boys. The other seems to think it is fun to wake up early in the morning.

This card is already quite late and I still need to make another for my step-niece that had a birthday on the same day. I made this card for my younger sister. As we got older her and I have grown really close and very good friends. I go to her for some things that I may have questions about. It might have something to do with surviving a horrible car accident together but I think that only solidified our friendship. We were becoming good friends before that.

Since she works and doesn't have time to read my blog I am going to share with you her age. Which is kinda bad for me because she is my younger sister but I am pretty sure I have shared my age with you all anyway. Besides, age is just a number, right? My wonderful, hard working sister is a mother of 3 precious children, one of which I still need to meet and will be turning one when I have my newest baby, and a wife to a good man. She turned 29 on the 6th of this month and I just can't believe how the time has gone.

The tree stamp I used I just had to get when I saw it at Michael's during my shopping trip with my mom. I have seen several images like this and just love them. Since it was only 1.49 I just couldn't pass it up. It was my mom's idea to add the rhinestones where the flowers are and I just love how it looks. The circle is a coaster that I used my nestabilities to cut out the center to make a type of border for the tree image.

My sisters favorite color is green so I knew I had to add that color in the card and since tree bark is brown I wanted to use that as an accent color. But I wanted to try one more color and decided on...shoot, I am not sure if it is Hibiscus burst or melon berry. I think melon berry but not sure. I didn't like the color combo after putting it all together but now it is growing on me and I hope she likes it.

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resmith said...

Great card!! I love the coaster cut to make a border. That tree turned out perfect and the rhinestones give it a little extra. I am pretty sure that is Melon Berry. See you this weekend.

Lorie said...

What a wonderful card and story! Is that the tree stamp you referred to when you comment on my blog? I can see why you like it...very nice! :o)