Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great friends

Hello everyone!!!  I do have something crafty to show you but I don't have time to edit the pictures and post it here.  I did want to come on and say that everything is okay and I am doing well.  I feel so much better now that I have been able to do some crafting.  It really does make things go a lot smoother and easier in my house.
I did want to say a big thank you to a great blogger friend.  Her name is Lorie and she was so kind to make a card and send it to me in celebration of our new baby arriving in Feb or late Jan.  I love her work and she truly is one of the nice ones out there still.  So, thank you Lorie for thinking of me and my family and taking the time to send this to us.  You truly are sweet.  If you want to see the card you can check out it out on her blog here.
I also wanted to share a cute and funny story that happened a few days ago.  I am in my second trimester but still haven't been able to regain my energy or desires to get things done around the house.  So I have been spending a lot of time relaxing in front of the TV.  Yeah, I know lazy but that is what I do a lot of.  My oldest son just finished up his homework and wanted to relax with me and watch TV.  He was very cuddly that day and decided to rest his head on my belly (not so that he was laying directly on it but enough).  Next thing I know I felt what was more thank likely a punch because of the side it came from.  I wondered if my son had felt it but wasn't sure.  I look at him and he starts to pick his head up and looked at me with this crazy look.  I knew instantly that he felt it and couldn't believe it.  I think he was afraid of my stomach for a while after that.  He is still excited about the baby though.
Well, that is about it for today.  I will be showing you some more crafty stuff soon I hope.  I want to get it done tomorrow but I am not going to promise but then it usually doesn't happen.
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Lorie said...

Yay! You got the card! I'm so glad that you like it! I was totally the same way as you when I was pregnant with my least the last the last couple of month since I didn't work those last couple of months. just take care!

resmith said...

That is funny how Cody actually got to feel the baby! I can almost see the look he gave.