Friday, March 18, 2011

Embossing fun

Sorry for my lack of posts the last couple of days.  Wednesday was a bad day in our house but we made up for it yesterday.  I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day.  My husband is Italian so not someone you would expect to celebrate an Irish holiday but...I am a mut with some Scotch-Irish so I wanted to have some fun with this seemingly unimportant holiday.  Next year I hope to have a fun banner to hand on my door.  This year I got busy making a traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner, complete with french bread (I forgot to add the food coloring and make it green) and some green punch.  I found the recipes here.  Only my oldest son didn't love the punch but everyone loved the french bread.  I made corned beef and cabbage for teh first time too.  It smelled wonderful while it was cooking and it tasted great.  I was worried about it turning out alright, my husband comes from a family where everyone knows how to cook.  My mother-in-law is a great cook and is always trying new things.  I was worried that my corned beef wasn't going to compare to hers but my husband loved it all and couldn't get enough.  I believe we have started a new tradition in our family.  I can't wait for next year already  :) 

Today I wanted to share with you the card I made with the same layout I used on the previous thank you cards.  This time insted of stamping the medallions in fresh snow ink I stamped them in versamark.  After stamping them all I used some kaliedescope embossing powder and embossed them.  It is like a little rainbow medallion in the center of every tag.  I love how it turned out.  The cardstock is smokey shadow and scarlet jewel.  So pretty. 
Today I hope to get a "Welcome" sign made for our front door.  I still have my flower heart I made last Valentine's day up.  I think it is time to move on.  I thought about making a sign with our last name but we already have a fun sign on our porch with our name on it that my parents made.  I may have shared it here but if not here it is.

My Dad used his amazing talent and cut out all the elements and put it all together.  My mom used her talents and painted it to really look like a moose.  Now what you don't see is two adorable little birds they made.  One sat on the top of the moose's head and the other on the sign.  Unfortunately with the wind we got in California and during the move to South Dakota we seem to have misplaced both of the birds.



resmith said...

I love the sparkle on this card!! I like that stamp but as you well know how I feel about my family I don't want to buy the whole set for it. :(
How about using the work "Welcome" on your sign?

Lorie said...

Such a pretty card Missy! Your St. Patrick's Day sounds like it was a fun one! :)