Friday, March 4, 2011


Hello Friday!!!  I know, I thought I was back for good but life gets in the way.  I haven't had much time or desire to craft.  My oldest is having some serious growing pains here.  If he isn't fighting to not go to school he is sick, first it was strep and yesterday we find out he has an ear infection.  I hope after this he is all better and life can settle into some kind of a routine.
I did manage to get A card done (not a good start considering I need about 15-20 various cards made) and some storage for my new dies.
Most of you may have seen it already or make some already but I am just now getting to it since my sister showed me hers right before we left California.  Here is what Dawn McVey came up with.
This is how mine turned out:
As you can see even the Verve Stamps work with the dimension Dawn gave on her blog.  I will be getting the brand new Wplus9 die as well so hopefully they will work otherwise I will be making bigger cards for those.
I will also say, my sister cut out the label for me before we moved with her silhouette.  Something I hope to get someday.

Something I didn't mention yet.  If you love Wplus9 stamps and have facebook run over there now and become a friend of their page.  They give out coupon codes for only facebook fans and just the other day a giveaway for the entire March release.  Guess who won, yep, yours truly.  I will soon be the proud owner of 2 new Wplus9 stamps and the very first Wplus9 die.  I cannot wait to get my hands and them and create, create, and creat some more.
Thanks for stopping by!!!
I attempted to sew them like Dawn did but I can't seem to get a sewing machine to behave for me.  I just took my pink ATG gun I got at Michael's and taped the clear cardstock down.  So far so good, when I do get a sewing machine to behave I will sew them though.  I just think sewing will hold a lot better.

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resmith said...

I love how this stores the dies perfectly. I did make bigger ones for my larger dies. The sewing will hold them better. Glad to see that you are getting a few crafty things in.